Unturned 2 Plugins

Just wondering, because Unturned 2 is being built in UE4 will this mean that plugins will be able to be coded in C++? I heard they may create wrappers or whatnot for other languages, just wondering if we will be able to code with C++ any information?

Firing Range and Horde mode are both mods for the game, I believe one of them is using C++ and the other is using UE4’s visual programming tools. I could see Nelson imposing limits on what user-created plugins could affect but I don’t see him trying to prevent the use of C++.

I doubt this’ll happen but since you brought this up. I’m wondering if anyone will do something like what ComputerCraft and OpenComputers do for Minecraft, creating in-game computers that can be programmed using Lua or some other language.


Hmm, I think you hit the point. But idk if I’m reading it wrong but like Plugins, Resources like custom kit plugin and whatnot. I’m wondering will we be able to code Plugins like that in C++. Such as using RocketMod with C# in Unturned.

At the moment, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be able to.

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