Unturned 2 release date predictions

So I saw a question like this about a year ago on this forum and seeing as that is one year ago I decided to post about it to see what people think now that it is 2020. So, what are your release date predictions, Early Access or Full Release.

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Early 2021

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Nelson’s goals is “core gameplay on a stable server with basic map by the end of the year” as stated here. So I guess early access in early 2021?


definitely looking that way

Yeah nelson’s getting pretty close to an early access game. All he’s needs is naturally Spawning zombies, food and water and you’ve pretty much got a game


At least 2025 for the next update


Molton and Nelson have said that it is coming out on february 30th 2025


@dragon_beast lol

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Nelons earliest predictions are early 2021. Id say more like late 2021 given how development is going.

At this rate, 2023 for the full game.

I’d guess late 2021 for early access release at the earliest.

Q2 2021 for public EA release.

release should be early 2022 i guess the way things are right now.

at this rate maybe 2025

It’ll probably release five minutes after the end of the Horus Heresy. Let’s all be honest.

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