Unturned 2 Release date Predictions?

Give me your predictions on which month and year Unturned 2 will come out!

based on the current rate of production. i dont think unturned 2 will be out until late 2019 or 2020 EA. full would be like 3.0 after a long period in EA. 1-2 years. demos already out. depends on what you mean by coming out

Define: “come out”

What counts as Unturned II “coming out?” Coming out in any playable state? The release of the next major demo build? Its release onto Steam in presumably Early Access? Full release?

If it’s the foremost, that happened a few months ago. If you’re counting U4’s combat demo, that’ll be this year (imo after Unity LTS update for U3, but could be before).

Full release would be impossible to give any sort of accurate prediction. Late-2019 EA release would be reasonable to predict, but not something that’d easily be set in stone to begin with. U3 gets priority when it really demands it, which can (briefly) slow development on U4 down. There’s also real-life stuff and all that.

But I’d say late-2019 is still reasonable enough to predict regardless. Full release I’d say would be 1–2 years after the initial EA release (if there is one).


i think he means a playable verison released to the public, like in update

Probably mid 2019, maybe a beta earlier, but I don’t think we will see anything publicly aviable before after easter.

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I think we could have a playable beta within 6 months, but that will probobly not be for the full public to play at that state, but early access could come late 2019 and early 2020 for the public (but we know how good of a developer Nelson is so it could come out even earlyer but in about a year would be a good guess for now).

But the most important thing is that he gets to work on the game until he feels that its ready

In my opinion not before the middle of 2019 we still have not seen anything about zombies yet.

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