Unturned 2 shouldn't be super-realistic

This is jsut something i’ve heard a few friends say and i feel like it more deserves a video than a shiet forum post, but here I go…

Unturned 2 doesn’t need to have this onslaught of hyperrealistic garbage it feels like every 12 year old or 20 year old addicted to ARMA 3 wants, if you want SUPER REALISTIC survival games, go fucking play ARMA, or DAY-Z or some other crap that is meant to be serious and taken seriously.

Just, as an example, unturned has umbrellas that make you fall slower, mint chewing gum that makes you explode, magic detonators that blow up C4 wirelessly, even though it’s a plunger box. this game is stupid, in a really fun way. and that’s how unturned is supposed to be. we can see Nelson still likes this, the range rifle magically drops a new mag from the sky, or christ’s sake!

You should not have to properly dress and bandage your wounds in 2, or have hyper-accurate, but blocky firearms in 2, noone wants your fucking super specific 12 gauge shotgun that only YOU WANT because you like it! there’s no reason, it’s jsut be a remodel of the same shotgun that some other guy suggested 3 days ago on another forum thread but you read and made a seperate post of YOUR favorite guns, from other games, that literally have no reason to exist.

Take Elver as an example, multiple times during development, guns were suggested and thrown out because “they don’t fill a niche, and just muck up loot tables” i remember at least 3-4 times suggesting to renaxon and danaby to add a cultist-spawn SMG, like a L2A3 or uzi based SMG, and they told me to think of a good reason, i never could, they didn’t need 100 new guns to make that interesting. they just needed guns for each category that filled out uses nicely, and that’s how guns should be.

For my final point, there is some stuff in 2 that i love is more realistic then not, the new car sounds and melee system so far, love em, slashy melees are cool, more realistic car handling is cool. but not everything needs to be a blocky real life counterpart, we don’t need broken arms and concuss heads for area damage, we don’t need guns to run 1000 rounds then start jamming, we don’t need this game to be blocky real life.

U2, in MY OPINION, should just be, a better optimized 3 with a lot of cool new features and a lot of quality of life things to make it infinitely more user friendly. we shouldn’t want U2 to just be another DayZ clone or Tarkov clone, it should be what unturned is now, a goofy, fun game that’s played with friends or alone, for the most fun you’ve ever had with a player-model and world blockier than a pile of Legos.

If this rant was kind of incoherent, sorry, it’s 2 AM when i’m making this.

TLDR: stop making unturned 2 into a clone game, just make unturned 3 in Unreal 4, and make everything run and look smoother. in the end, that’s what i think we can all agree unturned 2 should be, an improvemet upon 3.0, not a blocky-but-polished clone of a currently popular AAA title


Unturned 2 should simulate every atom and have all the materials that are in the periodical system and simulate air physics, planes should be able to fall apart like in il2 sturmovik and cars too like in that super realistic car game.


If I live in a world where unturned has no carjack physics… then I don’t want to live in this world…

After reading:
Unturned II should be unturned but better, and realistic =/= better

What sets Unturned apart from other survival games is its charm, and I don’t want to see it diminish as development continues, but it feels like it is.

I also think modding support should be more versatile. There is an unbelievable amount of things in Unturned that should not be hardcoded but are for whatever reason.
If Unturned II becomes a modding sandbox like Unturned 3.0 was, then the people who want to play the realistic, gritty side of Unturned can, and those who don’t can just play the regular game.


This isn’t necessarily true. It is in some ways, but not all.

Having more realistic mechanics makes the game more professional and less homemade.
Look at the windows from the vehicle, the windows break depending on where you hit the object. That is way better than a vehicle without windows or windows that don’t break at all where you just shoot through.

Realism makes most survival games way better, and so it does for this game.

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I don’t think realism makes it better I think depth makes it better.

In don’t starve, there are plenty of very in depth mechanics to keep you occupied, to challenge you, and even to exploit. Most of everything in the game will impact how you survive and play.

While realistic, and a nice detail, breaking a glass window doesn’t actually add very much to the game at all.

It actually adds a lot to the game, imagine what modders can do with that mechanic. There’s a whole lot of stuff that they can do with windows now.

ideally, modders would be able to script and make things without messing with car windows. the only applications I see are a window and it breaking

Exactly, they can use that feature to do cool and unique stuff with it.

Your post has been posted a lot of times before, but i particularly dislike your outlook on the game.

This is one of the worst things a survival game can do imo. Yes, having 300 firearms and 300+ different ammo types clutters up loot and makes looting often pointless because all you’ll find are barrels and receivers for guns you don’t have, but honestly, the worst feeling i can have when i boot up a new survival game is asking my friend “i need a weapon do you have like a rifle or something?” and him saying “oh you mean the AK?” and i say “no no i don’t like the AK there’s too much recoil” and him saying “lol there’s only one rifle in the game and it’s the AK”.

Like i get what you mean but why can’t i just have a Remington, SPAS and Mossberg? What’s the big deal with having a few similar shotguns just there for flavor? I don’t want to see anybody who likes shotguns running around with 1 shotgun all the time cuz there’s only the 1.

Flavor makes a survival game imho. Give me a Uzi, ok fine, but give me and Uzi, MP5, MP7 and MAC10 and i’ll be extremely happy.

That’s heavily debated but i mean i personally would like that.

Yes we do, what’s the point of weapon durability then?

I would be unimaginably disappointed if that’s what UII becomes.


Nelson has already stated he is not a fan of mechanics like broken arms when getting shot and concussed heads. But for your opinion of U2 being just an optimized 3.0 I think that is already gone and for the better. If this was just Unturned 4.0 we would already have it.

Unturned needs to evolve. I like DayZ but I as well don’t want U2 to become DayZ. Just because different gun calibers and some in depth systems are added doesn’t mean this game will be a real life sim. People want something different from 3.0’s loot and shoot style. Something that still radiates Unturned’s classic recipe but with a little more spice and maybe stirred a little longer. Something that has more survival which includes things like more in depth temperature, farming, and crafting.

Its hard to put into words exactly what draws me and I feel a lot of others to Unturned over games like DayZ. As everyone plays different and likes different aspects. But I feel like a good example to capture that feeling is the old Unturned 2.0 Entakt video series. He would set up servers with friends or viewers in teams. They would have a peace era and loot up and build bases. And then finally have a war with what they accumulated. This is how me and my friends would play on a hamachii server. This at its core is Unturned and just has a different feel to games like DayZ and Rust. But with the additions Nelson already has on Trello and from interviews this is going to be a game for the Unturned Vanilla survivalist.

The reason tho I am commenting is because I shared a similar viewpoint a while ago about the shift to real calibers of ammo over the ranger and military. A part of me felt like Unturned was losing its charm and becoming to sweat. I then got DayZ and realized the different gun calibers help the looting progression and ultimately affects the pace of the game. The pace of the game most want to see changed from 3.0 to U2, the idea of running into military naked and getting kitted in 4 seconds. I was playing on Elver the other day actually (fun map), and spawned next to the mall. Walked 5 feet and got military pants and top along with a puck and 34 bullets. Proceeded to kill a looted guy in the maul with said loot and got his entire load out in under 2 mins. That’s fine for 3.0, but not U2.

Unturned 2 is not going to lose it charm because windows are added. A lot of people like to put on blast ideas for being to realistic for the fear of game being spaghetti code or to complicated. But enjoy things like the realistic car we have in the beta already.

Imagine if someone would have suggested in a post for the car to have blinkers, hazard lights, windows, windows that can roll up and down on all 4 sides from the driver seat, and smoke coming off the tires. People would rush to the forums to blast them for SpAgHetti CoDe, and that he needs to focus on better things.

Or the from the tree update. Imagine if someone posted “Hey Nelson I want 35,000 trees on a map the size of Russia and I want them all optimized and I want after being chopped for them to fall down and be individual objects I can interact with.” People would be like this is too complicated for Unturned this isn’t a triple A company.

What are we to say to the customization on guns as well. We can put canted iron sites on rails, extra dot sites, and removes stocks and rails. This just seems like a open door for a more in depth gun customization scene.

I understand people don’t want mechanics that make the game frustrating but I had to comment against this idea because I felt like it was my civil duty to resist ideas like this. Simplification for the sake of simplification is not good. U2 will not be a real life simulator and not a DayZ clone. I love the direction the game is taking.

He actually covered this in a interview saying modding would be easier.

What part exactly in the recent updates makes you believes Unturned is losing its charm.

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Unturned charm isn’t the mechanics or the “realism” or lack thereof. It lies in the way Nelson has made the world in Unturned with its many quirks. Mechanics as such don’t give games charm, what gives games charm is world building pure and simple. If a game has a world that feels lived in, game where it feels like you are there as your character goes down the ladder at holmans isle, the game has charm.

For a survival game there has to be some level of realism, if there is little realism in a survival game then it turns into something else. While the some of the suggestions given by users these past few days have been excessive like blood types, shock damage and a bunch of things carried over from DayZ, that makes the game unnecessarily complex for the sake of realism. Like BerryMan said unturned shouldn’t be a real-life sim or a DayZ clone, hence it should have a balance between simplicity and realism,for eg: you get shot and you are bleeding out , the simple answer would be to use a health item with no specific name or property, this is not suited to a survival game, instead we should use items that bind wounds, the process and there should be other items that heal but don’t stop bleeding like morphine or a blood pack. The game should make sense from a real life perspective as well but it shouldnt over complicate itself with excess realism.

Next firearms, Firearms are something that gives as linkfanpc said add flavor to the game. They flesh out the world and remove a sense of blandness in the game. In real life if the events in Unturned happened there would be numerous firearms of dozens if not hundreds of kinds of guns. Something like that can’t be carried over to the game, however weapons should make sense like weapons of a particular region should be found in the map of that region. Next there should be variety if there isn’t how would that make sense for example there are 3 kinds of common pump shotguns the mossberg, The ithaca,And the 870 im not saying you add all three but add a few kinds of each, say have one double barreled shotgun, 2 pump shotguns and 2 semi autos one civilian and the other military. In this scenario everyone has a few different kinds of weapons and doesn’t make the weapons bland. Next Durability durability is essential however it shouldnt be like that in U3, where you need to make repairs every few shots.

Next guns haven’t been made to be used in a zombie apocalypse, they are made cos someone thought that a certain kind would be useful in a military or civilian situation. Hence guns shouldnt be added to fill a spot on your uses checklist , instead they should be just there guns ,just guns people living in a place used for various purposes, this way Unturned 2 will feel like a lived in world and someone creation.

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While I agree with this post, I fail to see how realism, or lack thereof, makes any game less fun. The two aren’t muturally exclusive. The problem arises, however, when you add something realistic just because it’s realistic. While it’s certainly more realistic to have an animation for picking anything up, a la RDR2, it’s not fun to have to watch an animation play through over and over again whenever you do something.

I also don’t like how you’ve automatically assumed that borrowing aspects from another game automatically makes it a “clone.” While it’s easy to draw conclusions based on an existing title, it’s another thing entirely to arrive at the conclusion that because it has an armor system it’s a Tarkov clone, or because it has a gravity system, it’s a Rust clone.

So, while I agree on your point that realism for the sake of realism is bad, I don’t agree on your stance that UII should just be a better optimized, shiny new U3. From what I’ve observed while playing, Unturned just doesn’t prove fun anymore at later stages of the game, where zombies barely prove a threat anymore and you’re doing horde beacons over and over again just for a bit of stimuli. I’d personally like UII to be much more grim, gritty, and most importantly, full of more stuff to do.


i dont want this game to be “haha random” meme garbage, but it should for sure have some light hearted elements.


Oh boy, car guy mode all up in here. If you want a car game, leave now. There is Project Cars 3 coming out, Gran Turismo 7 you also have Asseto corsa which can be serious and goofy. But if you want realistic car crashing only go to rigs of rods which is free or beamng.drive.

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Another problem is the community. I ran in a server searching for loot when a airdrop fell. My noob self went there and kapoof got shot because i didn’t surrender in time. THESE CUNTS TAKE THE GAME SO SERIOUS! NELSON HAS TO FIX THIS! I haven’t played unturned in a while because i got my wheel. But all i’m saying is that farmers with 2000$ pcs and 500$ mics just to play a free game about survival with blocky-childish characers are huring the game in question. PvP needs to change. It feels like a battle royale, and, i hate being killed by tryhards like in fortnite or pubg. I searched for CSGO Unturned servers, and (okay going off topic for a min) i loved it! Anyone who could hook me up with one will gain my respect. That’s the style of PvP i always want. A mix of games. A rare blend. Not your unfair Arma 4 bloodbath because of nakeds running around.

Unturned 3 is currently a pvp game. If you don’t want pvp heavy just wait for U2 to come out. Nelson has stated that U2 is going to be a more pve focused game.

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isn’t the game looking “homemade” what gives Unturned its charm? didn’t realize you guys wanted an indie game made by one guy to look “professional”. professional meaning, like an AAA game? made by a studio comprising of more than one person with a large budget?

You do realise we’re talking about Unturned II right? Nelson himself is trying to make the game look realistic. If this game is done, nobody will believe this is a “homemade”. I’m just proving a point.

What do you mean by this? Realistic as in… what? The game has a stylized art style and the character models have cubic heads and limbs. You never even explained the point you’re trying to prove.

I’m not sure what you consider “homemade” and “realistic” but isn’t Nelson making the game as an solo indie developer, from his house? I have no idea what you’re even trying to say. Indie games exist, dude.

An indie developer is, by definition, not “professional”. He is making the game as a personal hobby at his home, therefore the game is “homemade”. Your whole argument is incredibly vague and hard to follow.


I’m sorry but I (19M) spent 23.000 turkish liras (3.359 USD) (74.805 pesos) on my gaming computer (Nvidia) and I will literally kill myself (meth overdose) if unturned dosen’t have realistic wind simulation

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