Unturned 2 zombie concept


Just too much detail. Even tho, weird-ass turned types, so delet.

I prefer @Yarrrr’s ones. Would appreciate someone making concepts about those.


@Sakura why should it be a Child Friendly Game


which ones? send link


It gains nothing from being gory and violent because I really doubt that would translate well into the low poly artsyle UII has so far. Your model, for example, is far too high poly compared to anything we have seen in UII. The “darker” people have been throwing around is an comparison to previous iterations of the game, not compared to other games. We dont want dead space, we want a game where the turned look fairly intimidating. Also, that much gore just doesn’t add anything to the game other than taboo, which little kids love, and you would probably see more little kids playing the game the more violent it is, which is kinda funny to think about. Also the game would probably have to do some legal age restriction stuff, which I know nothing about, but would probably be a hassel for nelson.

TL:DR gore adds nothing and is a lazy substitute for turned design.


well how can it look intimidatig if its simple blocky designe?


The main point I was saying is that it doesnt have to be slathered in blood and guts to look intimidating. I said nothing about a blocky design, and I have no problem with a blocky design. Low poly does not mean 3.0 style, it just means having a low amount of polygons in the model


Good luck sleeping tonight lads .___.


I m glad that people like what u did whit my sketches it would be even cooler to really see them in game oh and also i m working on a new one :wink:


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Unturned II doesn’t need to be child friendly. Kids are annoying little shits, especially on Unturned.


This is (used to be) cool and all, but it’s extremely hard to imagine it being efficient in eating somebody. Especially given the fact that, despite my severe lack of biological knowledge, it quite simply doesn’t have enough clearance for somebody to fit in there well enough for it to cause any major damage, and I’m also certain the muscles (what muscles?) are incapable of moving the teeth far enough to be even remotely effective.
Unless, somehow, the ribs are stripped from the spine, have been sharpened as shown, and can close down on the victim by pivoting the ends closest to the spine.

Yes, I know, the model is just for the sake of attempting to scare people, judging by the rest of the comments, but It’s so underwhelming after thinking of the possibilities of what it could do, that it really just isn’t that exciting. Sure, some moron could stick his head in well enough, and wind up with the neck punctured well enough to spray blood all over the thigh, but you know why that wouldn’t happen.
What’s the benefit of having such a large mouth anyways? Aren’t the turned supposed to be the result of an infection, and can somehow live infinite amounts of time without food? That being said, what’s the benefit of having a giant mouth, in addition, seemingly no way to digest the victim?

If the objective is to kill the victim, and to let my mind fly, I would prefer a zombie particularly made to impale the victim on an arm in which the wrist has been snapped off, and the ulna and radius have been cut maybe half of the way to the wrist, to give it the smallest surface area, then the zombie would dearly attempt to cut these bones further, as to increase their effect (i.e. sharpening).

If the objective is to infect the victim, see spitter but with biohazardous, infectious spit.
Or a different kind of virus entirely.

As for the mobile womb, well done, but impractical.
I find that people tend to be afraid of reproductive features, so in terms of how fearful it is, it would probably do quite well.
But it doesn’t seem to particularly have any, even an uneducated intuitive explanation, of how it works. This also plays well into how greatly people may be afraid of the zombie.
Does it attempt to piece together corpses and hijack their bodies for its own usage (and somehow succeeding)? If so, then there’d have to be many of its minions roaming about by default.
Dead bodies can’t be affected by the infection, right Nelson?
That being said, it’s likely that any other zombie probably wouldn’t exist, if this thing did.

If these were to be added, the zombies would be doing a really good job at psychological warfare.

But these are just my thoughts.


but realism for the sake of realism is bad

why have science when you can have a bigass mouth zombie


Why have a zombie idea that is incredibly overused when you can get new zombie idea


I have stated that my post articulates my opinion (thoughts) and isn’t intended to abide by any standards whatsoever (although the latter isn’t stated).
I was meaning to say that m̶y̶ ̶s̶e̶n̶s̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶f̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶i̶r̶r̶e̶g̶u̶l̶a̶r/̶w̶a̶r̶p̶e̶d the concept is more confusing than frightening, to me at least, because I am always so serious about video games, aren’t I? It’s almost as though I don’t understand fictitious material (self-ridicule).

Whatever, maybe I shouldn’t voice my opinion as it truly is, as that will only get me into trouble with the regulars, whose expressed thoughts are, and rightfully so, censored by particular phrases Nelson has proclaimed play into the development of Unturned II.

Not sorry for that though.


well that might be right, but the annoying shits are the types of kids who don’t care about violence and gore in games


eh, true ig




thats exactly what i thinkkkkk


i never heard of the hugger before frome all the movies and games how is it overused?


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