Unturned 2 zombie concept


this was made withe the help of @SteveTheRealOne



il post update on this when thier finished and il probably try to implment theme to the workshop when unturned 2 is out


when i saw the first 2 images, i never clicked off any post this fast before

this looks actually cool tho


You gave me ptsd.
Hope your happy


thie hugger would be great in unturned II style. the left testicle not so much


@stuttgart_flugart is it cus of the tow zombie at the top?


the kinda 3d one looks a bit too detailed


yeah il work on it


hugger withe more shiny texture for blood


That looks terrifying… As in scary.


While I really like the designs, I really doubt this is how the artstyle will look like for UII.

While the Turned will infact have darker designs and such, I don’t see them being this gorey, especially if Unturned is aiming to be another ‘Kid Friendly’ game again.


Is it?
(10 char)



Warning: gore!



i fuckin love the hugger, I’d love to see it in II



Yes. It most definitely is.

I want to point out however, that I’m not calling Unturned a Kid’s game. I am calling it a Kid Friendly game.


nah, it should be less kid friendly imo


unturned shouldent be a kid fridnly game ! at all


Probably should use one of the models nelson made onstead of the 3.0 model.


@dbking This hugger looks so good and creepy specially its wide opened chest and mouth. Tho its kinda too gorey for Unturned specially for a “Child Friendly Game”.


The flat shading looks kida odd with that glossy material.