Unturned 2

I would like to see a blood value in unturned as well as unconsciousness, also shock damage from all weapons in the game, all these features are in dayz as well.

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What do you mean with blood value. The ammount of blood?

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He means have a separate Blood stat along with Health, Food, etc.

I’d like that, bleeding wounds cause blood loss rather than just damage, lower blood causes lower regeneration, very low blood causes dizziness, stumbling and difficulty aiming.

Shock damage is debated a lot. I’d be fine with say a Shock stat that causes effects the higher it is. (IE getting shot in the back causes 50 shock and flashes your screen white, getting beat in the unarmored face with a bat causes 100 and makes you get stunned and stumble backwards or something) but being able to just KO players is kind of a fool’s errand since you could just kill them anyways. Would be cool for RP ig.

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It would be better to have a bleed effect reducing the health with time . Shock damage is a bit too much for this game and perhaps the characters should flinch when shot.

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