Unturned 2024 Survey Results

Unturned 2024 Survey Results

FeaturedImg Unturned 2024 Survey

This survey ran near the start of 2024 to collect feedback on what the Unturned community most wanted to see during the year. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We plan to use these responses to help guide Unturned’s development throughout 2024. For each of the survey questions, we’ve compiled the top responses so that you can see what feedback is popular amongst other players, too!


movement second most voted we are so back


While improved vehicle physics will be nice I think long term improving the tutorial would be better.

Obviously less people voted for this because it’s pretty minor for more experienced players but the games tutorial is honestly a joke, and completely fails to teach about integral mechanics like bleeding and immunity. This leaves new players effectively helpless and drives many away, stunting the games growth. I think making the game more open for new players is one of the few things that could actually reverse its stagnation, and that would be a critical first step.

This is something where surveying the community falls short because many of the options seem a lot better on paper, and people vote for those (understandably!), but long term I think a better tutorial would do a lot with comparatively little effort.


I feel the Unturned tutorial is a horrible start for new players, a lot of my friends did the tutorial and just said “this game sucks” and never played again.


Oh it certainly is whenever I’ve run a server there’s a ton of people who join, get hit by a zombie, bleed out, and never play again. Because how were they supposed to know how to craft rags > bandages > dressings?

this brings me joy excited for my all time favorite game future :heart:


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