Unturned 3.0 April fools

I dumb idea randomly hit me for april fools event for this year. Now I made this discussion not for the idea im gonna say but rather to discuss about what could be the next april fools edition for this year. Idea I had in mind was eating a carrot would work like when you eat berries such as blue berries and you get a weird filter on screen, this should be different in way by not giving weird shit rather it zooming your screen almost like you set your FOV to 10 or something so its like horribly zoomed in as a reference to myth that eating carrots makes your eye healthier or what ever. I personally think it would be a great meme but feel free to say in the comments how shit my idea is. Again this topic is also so you would forward your ideas too, okey? :3


Nice idea, but I have a better one. For the 1 day (1st of April) there will only be one map: training camp, everyone will have lots of fun (not) and some of people will rage quit Unturned 3.0 forever that is not really good, so yes this idea is really bad, but I have one more, for example or maps (vanilla) are going to be flooded with water.

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I like games that implement enjoyable April Fools’ jokes. :frowning:

Me too!

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Yea but the idea with chewing gum being explosive was just too far. I mean if someone had loot and you came behind them with it, you would scare them while instantly killing them while your friend took the loot.
This can even be useful and even horrifying in a fun way for the user. But all those effects have a temporary element to it like berries and so would the carrot.

Nelson could also add a whoopie cushion :smiley:

ok now hear me out on this one

what if smartly dressed games from nelson sexton made everything…

  • all terrain
  • all objects
  • everything else
    be hecking slippy like ice/slippy metal plates

this would be funny i would laugh like this:
hahahahahahaha xD

This is cringe police.
You broke the international internet law by miss using the term ‘xD’

Now you must pay off your crime by serving the Yugoslavic army.
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A better idea would be for carrots to give nightvision.

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