Unturned 3.0 time capsule

Let’s create something like Unturned 3.0 themed time capsule in which we will put a lot of items that remind us about Unturned 3.0, and when Untured II will release we will open our capsule and reveal its containment.

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Or simply open and play Unturned.


P. S. There can be some mistakes (English is not my main language and I’m not using translator, because it translates a bit unproperly).

i think he means he wants a time capsule for unturned 4 that we can dig up and find the original guns and shit from 3.0


Yes, something like that, but we don’t need to dig it up, we can just save it somewhere…(I mean like it don’t even needs to be In real life)

Pesky obviously didn’t meant to dig up actual guns IRL. But still what would you even save in first place, a blueberry pie and a medkit ?

Some community photos all Unturned 3.0 charts, maybe weapon models, Unturned II suggestions.

Or we could just play the game…


Yeah this really isn’t the most thought out suggestion. Seeing as UII is already quite similar to 3.0, I don’t really see the need to remember stuff, especially if a lot of that is going to be transferred over to UII. And as others are saying, you could just simply open up 3.0 after UII launches, as they’re independent games and will both have updates and support through their respective lifespans.

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honestly it would be better if we could bury small crates like in rust

boom theirs an unofficial time capsule

this thread is confusing

I will leave my favourite chewing gum flavour for future generations to enjoy


Words that precede unfortunate events

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In the Future…

Man dies from Explosion; Authorities say it was 5-Gum

>be me
>year 3020
>digging in yard for scrap metal
>find small box
>curious ass self decides to open the box
>a single stick of chewing gum
>haven’t had food in 84 hours, eat the gum at mach speed
>go unconscious
>wake up in hell
>satan on his throne
>“lol idiot you fucking exploded”
>mfw how it feels to chew 5 gum
>pic related

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what even is a yard in 3020
we have plastic lawns
and gas giant cities


This is somewhat interesting

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Put a bunch of glitches in it and when it opens it breaks everything lol.