Unturned 3 general troubleshooting petition

Text of this petition isn’t a “well-constructed post here with well-thought arguments and ideas here would work better”?

Try to quote the specific part you’re referring to and not the whole sentence?

The fact that I have to point out that that was a joke is astonishing.


wow so funny joke you comedy genius

It’s a cute thing, but really not much else. I see no point in improving these mostly core parts of the game despite them being “simple” changes with Unturned II showing up in the horizon already.

Also, as a modder who has worked on vehicles for the most part, I disagree with what they said. The physics profiles make vehicles quite good in my opinion. Sure it’s not perfect, sure it’d be cool to see the suspension actually moving the wheels and the dampeners shaking the car with inertia. But for all I care, it’s fine.
(And whoever thought to put a car on a trampoline is an idiot, I would’ve never expected that to work fine)

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Its even better when you lot screech at it

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