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“Sign this petition or I’ll kill your dog”

Text: "Hi, my name is Gekk. I, along with the Russian modding community want to bring back the former popularity of the game Unturned. In this petition we wrote down the most important things in our opinion that should be fixed/added to Unturned. Here are probably not all, but many features that will help modders and mappers make cool servers and maps, because this game for a very long time kept afloat the number of mods and servers, but lately they became very few.
So, here’s a list of everything we want to see in the game -

  • Stamina Bug. (When stamina runs out and the player presses shift, he teleports back and gets stuck)

  • Vehicle Bugs (Cars don’t have normal physics, and also they teleport on trampolines)

  • Devkit Bugs (A lot of bugs are associated with devkit, such as broken viewport when you have FXAA anti-aliasing. Very much looking forward to porting devkit functions to the old editor)

  • Provider.onEnemyConnected invokes before player initialization.

  • Make lazy region loading (Items, Structures, Barricades, etc), sort queue by distance

  • Clicking on items doesn’t always work.

  • Weak artificial intelligence in animals. (They scatter all over the map, they run into obstacles, their number is very limited, which prevents you from doing large projects with more animals)

  • Weak artificial intelligence in zombies. (They do not pose a threat to players for the most part, as for the most part they stand still and do not move. Also, after leaving the navigation area, they stop following the player)

  • To the previous one. You could create a common navigation area for zombies and animals on the entire map.

  • Add cool and hot zones. With these features in the map editor, you could create a lot of interesting maps with different climate zones.

  • To the previous one. Add a gradation of warmth to clothes, so that in light clothing the player froze in cold weather, and in heated clothes in the heat it was hot.

  • Add AnimationEventHook [NEW MODDING TOOL] Nelson, we have another cool idea! · Issue #1697 · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub"

You sure your team can do this with the code being hard coded?

It’s not my team lol, just saw this petition both on Official Discord and on some russian Unturned communities twice.

Still to me feels like something that should be focused on being implemented into 4.x/II instead of still just supporting a decently old game that’s now got very glaring issues that could be fixed a lot easier in a new game really

If the development of UII will be still as long as we have now, I think Nelson need to polish the game so the community will create all the servers, gamemods and curated maps with no large issues.
As I said on Official Discord:
“Many people like zman telling like stop pushing Nelson to work on Unturned 3 and work on UII. It’s reasonable opinion but I think it’s change nothing, like… let’s say that Nelson will develop UII in 5 years. If he will focus on U3 for a half of a year it will be 5 years and 6 months. It will be enough.
And of course, we can’t get big changes because of the spaghetti-structured U3 game code.”

I’ve been modding this game for years now though and I’ve frankly had no issues with severe animation and such, plus a majority of what this petition is asking for can very easily be perfected in II compared to remaking pretty much all of the navigation for 3.x and still having it work with custom animals and already existing maps, the game’s already in a pretty fine state and it just needs a sequel to finish all of these issues.
Stuff like the weak pathfinding on Animals and Zombies can easily be fixed in II by just not having the archaic navigation node system we have now and having it support objects easily.
Heat zones would also require a fair bit of changing to even the base gameplay of the game which I feel is unnecessary as a majority of people play 3.x because of how it is now.
Inventory issues, especially on servers, is already largely fixed in II
Devkit issues would be practically non-existent due to UII’s modding kits likely being entirely through Unreal Engine due to having the most support and freedom.
Vehicle physics in II are already greatly improved also.

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Look, the development of UII will be much long, and fixing U3 is necessary in my opinion, because either way the community of this game will just die. We already have a not so small decline.

Updating the game with features that likely wouldn’t really help that decline doesn’t solve much other than delaying the inevitable.

Small polishing the game can deal a large effects on the community and may be the reason of gaining former popularity through some events (like nostalgic feels etc.)

Except that’s only been shown with one thing, that most people haven’t even really used, which is the currency system and there’s not practically any other tweak that I’ve even seen a ton of people use. The whole reason the game’s still alive also is because of people using the same old mechanics in newer and slightly interesting ways, like Elver. The biggest thing to come out of that was the Currency system which still could’ve been completely bypassed with some XP tweaks like people have been doing for so long now.

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I want to finish this dialogue by Nelson’s quote. As he said:

Just because nelson said it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea either as it’s completely possible to rewrite the entire game to improve literally everything if needed by just overwriting everything: But it’s literally one of the worst ideas to go with as it’s a huge waste of time and kills a ton of motivation. Moving on from an outdated game is a great idea not only to improve what your making yourself but not having arbitrary roadblocks and agitation plus potentially ruining a game for players who like the features already set up in 3.x and that have been for literal years as I’m one of those people. I don’t want the base building update as I want it to be a separate thing so if I feel like going for 3.x to experience the mediocre and fucky mechanics that I can mess around with: I very much can.

Yes it is, but at least we need changes which were planned at Trello. And again, as Nelson said: "… I feel like if it’s possible in 3 it should be done for 3. i.e. I want 4 to be “the impossible” upgrades like entirely redesigning the character.”


On a more serious note pretty much all of the points are valid, petitions are a meme tho. Just get it circulated here.

Twitter gonna cancel me for being a M.U.G.A Supporter

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DROPPED? ok, not surprised of you Deus
Are you hate russian unturned modding or what? Like, what’s wrong with this sentence? Solid argumentation pls

It’s not a tool to get changes, just a tool to get people to vote these changes.

Doesn’t seem like you read that part, starting a petition is kinda pointless. Making a well-constructed post here with well-thought arguments and ideas here would work better.