Unturned 4.0,3.0 Suggestions. Part: One


-Roaming: They should Roam around or have a little moving animation to bring some life into the zombies.
See what I did there.
-Maybe more zombie looking walking

New types:
-New types could be: Jumpers, Climbers, Screamers: Climbers should have the ability to climb smaller objects like fences. Jumpers: should have the ability to jump to the player from a closer distance. Screamers should have the ability to scream when they notice the player and the noise that they make it will distract the other zombies. Ther could be so many types but I think this would be enough, if not keep in mind don’t make suicide zombies that are trying to kill their selfs to kill you that’s not a zombie: in my opinion.

New abilities to them:
-They should have the ability to ruin players outfit storage space
-Climbing, jumping
-the ability that players could use medicines on the zombies? E.g.: useing more than 10 vaccines will turn them into humans but shortly they will die after that. “cough"cough”: new achievement ?: the cure? or using splints on a zombie with a broken leg will make him stand up etc.

-Interact with objects: like a flaming object that just burning and they walk in it and catch on fire so they will have a burning effect, or they walk in a liquid that’s on electricity because of some kind of electric object just fall into it so they will get an electric effect, etc. oh and the effects should not go for ever, and the weather should affect the effects two like rain.
-Zombies with armor should be harder to kill and this is how it should work: if you hit them where the armor is it will do almost nothing to them only if you hit them where is no armor on them or keep hitting the armor until it breaks or falls off.
-every zombie should have the ability to get any effect.
-maybe some zombie should try to kill animals.

-Ther should be More distracting items. or some item should have the ability to distract them like cans, bricks or just make every item to be throwable.
-Some zombie should have the ability to distract other zombies if they notice the player

Body models:
-New body models should be more shaped kinda like in Tabz. maybe different types of bodys like fat, tall, zombies with no limbs etc what I think is not necessary
-They should have ruined outfits just like in 2.0

Survival at night:
-They should have a new capability at night times: just like at full moons or just like in dying light they should become more challenging so surviving at night times would be harder and a lot of items, buildable would get a bigger use.

More coming soon! (probably with some rework)

sorry, guys, for my English, it’s not the best and what do you think of this suggestions?

Just saying but there is a thread for 4.0 suggestions you could put this on. I do like the suggestions.

I did and thanks for the support

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