Unturned 4.0 Advanced settings

Is there any way to remove the 120 fps cap ? For example opening the cfg file or something like that . I have tried finding said file but I couldn’t . Is there any way to access it ?

The real question is, how the fuck do you even hit 120 fps in the first place?


I hit it just fine. R7 3700X and 2070 Super on max settings 4k resolution.

@FarmerZombie I remember there being a 60 FPS cap forced in odd situations but I’m not sure if the fixes to that apply to this as well, if you can’t fix it by screwing around the settings I’d just leave it alone for now. If you find a way to correct that issue, it may be useful to say what you did in case that information is needed by someone else in the future.

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There’s what I’m missing

Nevermind I’m fucking broke lol

It was $1250 when I got it. My laptop was $1200 but only lasted five years so not the best value in that thing, I’m hoping the desktop will go at least 10 years though.

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If I know anything about PC builds, it’s that desktops almost always will last longer than laptops.

Defects could hit anywhere. Laptop had major issues with the display, constant overheating, and a keyboard that began to die not too long before I got the desktop. So far with the desktop the only nightmare has been Windows 10. Early on, corruption took out a full two terabyte drive which forced a reinstall before it was entirely dealt with.

For various reinstalls after the initial one, I lost the ability to restart the computer which caused many other annoying issues to pop up.

For most of this period of time the desktop would randomly turn itself on in the middle of the night which blinded me very badly as I tried to sleep because I’ve got a 32 inch monitor.

And now I’ve got to play Microsoft’s update lottery every month to see if they’ll delete all my files or let me keep them another month. The random performance loss after the monitor turns off is also not appreciated.

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Maxed out settings on a
Ryzen 7 2700x and 1660 super at 1080p , never dips below the fps cap .

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