Unturned 4.0 and the Survival Element

In my opinion, Unturned in it’s now state seems too much like an arcadey shooter with some basic hunger and dehydration effects. It overall feels stale and makes most of its gameplay in PVP which kinda has burnt me out of the game. Back in the older days of deadzone 2 and even the roblox era there were things that were quite horrifying and showed the game was a survival game that didn’t hold your hand.

Where did that element go?

It’s rarely mentioned that we used to have a complex temperature system (while annoying, mind you) that could’ve been fixed with a little bit of tweaks instead of the “Let’s get rid of it”. The Temperature system was one of my favourite elements in the game, and is still why i sometimes switch to the older branch of deadzone (by the way, no audios annoying).

I’m aware nelson has added it back, but it’s not as gamechanging as it used to be and it’s overall a pointless element in the game which should be improved on because when I heard it was released, I felt as if it was going the right direction for the game that I enjoy playing. But when I played it in game? It was boring. Where was the survival element?

Now there’s things like Yukon, which are great maps, but is the only map of this style, it had so much potential but people kept ratting it off as hard and boring, while yukon did have it’s problems, I’ve never had a boring moment in it.

It just seems like unturned wants to become a different genre then it was and is in it’s weird puberty stage, It wants to play as PUBG and battlefield had a weird, mixed baby.

If we had more of a survival element, the game would improve on it’s depth, maybe less KOS will happen and the community would be more trying to help others survive then just fighting in a group deathmatch to claim dominance.

Speaking of dominance, There’s so much easier ways that could be done if we added a survival element to it, decrease the food spawns a little bit. So the people that stockpile food will be the ones that have power on servers, create mini hierarchies and more crazy things that could be added to the game.

I have a small list of benefits that explain what we could do to add a better survival system to the game. and the upsides and downsides to that. Most of these ideas will probably be taken from a personal project of mine.


  • Fatigue - If we added fatigue into the game that requires the player to sleep, it’d be great for some form of downtime that we can add into the game that also promotes people settling down and thinking of what to do in the meantime.

  • Trait List - Give people the ability to choose 3 upsides and downsides instead of having a class, They must choose each of these downsides and give them. For example someone could be really tanky but deal less damage or could have the abilities of cooking alot more but suck at something else. Just something to add more versatility into the system then choosing a “Sharpshooter” meta class (even though workers the best)

  • Go back to the old crafting system - While I understand that the old one was garbage, I liked making different components and finding out what I could make with them. It was nice to see “Hey, what do I need to make X?” in the middle of the chat. And then paying other people to help you before the new crafting system was added

  • Improve on stealth - Instead of adding ragdolls, give us the ability to play dead and fool enemies that come close to us, give us the ability to have different levels of crouching like Arma 3 or something similar.

  • More hostile NPCs - No, not zombies (However I will get to zombies soon). But adding more things other then wolves and bears to attack us on maps, give us more NPCs to worry about and give us that risk/reward factor to play in.

  • Start with Halved health on respawn - Similar to Rust, but starting with halved health would be nicer to have and would make people more inclined to take less risks like killing other players

  • Better “Special” Zombies - These zombies are alot less common and have strong abilities (Like the Megazombies). These zombies could have abilities similar to Left 4 Dead zombies and would fit with the game and increase it’s PvE element if you get a drop that can only be dropped by that certain zombie.

Downsides to all of these:

  • Fatigue - This slows the pace of the game down, and makes people more prone to certain things. It’d also be hard to implement as I imagine.

  • Trait List - Could be forced to pick traits you do not really want of all things, obvious meta would still form and some people could be more disadvantaged unlike classes.

  • More Hostile NPCs - Even more things to worry about in the game, Instead of zombies, you have bandits, more annoying things to chase you when you don’t have ammo

  • Improve on stealth - Not really a downside, just needs improvement in general.

  • Start with Halved Health on Respawn - This makes it unfair for players who are fully healed to have an advantage over freshspawns. Causing people to get mad.

  • Similar Crafting system Idea - This would overcomplicate crafting and players would be less bothered to know about what to do to craft x and make y

  • Better Special Zombies - Annoying in combat, makes PvE possibly more unenjoyable and grindy.

There’s always another alternative to all of these, though.

Just cut it all out, If unturned 4 isn’t really going to focus on it’s survival aspects then just take hunger and whatnot out, make people healed from eating foods or damaged. Give them debuffs in combat instead of getting sickness. Removing it entirely would change Unturned into a different game, however it would focus more on a PvP experience that this community desperately wants from what i’ve met in my hours. Get rid of zombies and everything, The game would become similar to rust and could have different gameplay mechanics added due to the non restrictive zombie environment.

That’s just my two cents on the whole survival aspect for unturned in 4.x. I just hope it focuses more on the survival oriented gameplay then the PvP gameplay

However, Everything on the trello is going great so far, still think survival needs more stuff though. I like parrying in games and I hope unturned has that.

rant over


+1 to all except Fatigue and NPC humans

Other than that it’s a good list of good ideas imo.


Just to clarify: you meant Unturned 1.0 / Antique, right? Deadzone hasn’t been pubicly playable for a long time.

Probably since 1.0/antique doesn’t have sounds.

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Antique used to be called deadzone 2 on browser. So I always refer to it as that

It was literally called ‘‘Unturned’’

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Like @Oyamat said, I’m pretty sure it was called Unturned. There’s a reason people refer to it as “Unturned 1.0” instead of Deadzone.

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From my bookmarks bar. Antique was called “Deadzone 2” before unturned was it’s official name.

The thing is that you refered to the version with no sounds (1.1) called ‘‘Unturned’’

When I played it, Unturned already was the official name, I don’t know if during the release between august-september (2013) Nelson named it ‘‘Deadzone 2’’ but I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the case. Maybe during the early development when he started working on it after leaving Roblox. Let’s wait for some answers from other users that played it at the time (@Yarrrr :skull_and_crossbones:)

I doubt it was called Deadzone 2, I mean back in his old blog he never referred as it. Even some old early alpha videos didn’t mention that name. The only thing I remembered about Deadzone 2 is that it was a project in Roblox but abandoned after he quit Roblox.

Well anyways this topic isn’t about the correct name of a certain version, he’s here to talk about the fading survival aspect of the game. Surely there’s something more to discuss about it than the game’s past


From my bookmarks bar

Hey! That’s an invalid source of evidence!

That’s my only source, we can’t go back into time and check.

I’m more concerned that they’re just gonna keep talking about it. I want to talk about an actual issue in the game that just seems in an odd state which I really enjoy.


I support this

I agree for the most part about this tbh. Fortunately Unturned 4.0 should come with a lot of new survival mechanics. I’m sick and tired on RP servers (yes, I enjoy RP) where a dude comes up to me and asks for food when there’s food spawns and berry bushes all around the map. A survival mechanic overhaul would beat the living daylights out of whiny babies like those and promote true hardcore survival.

I repeat add refrigeration and expand on the durability system food rots faster over time if not refrigerated same with medican accept it becomes less effective add a new angle to what gun you choose by makeing the durability required differnt for each gun untill it has a chance to jam and if you can . . … see if you can add weight back i know i know but think about it another perspective to weapons i recommand just adding it to things like medkits ammo guns and armor and tires batterys you know what i mean not food or bandages or ect

I cant wait what barets you got mang?

Virtually everything you have mentioned is already in the 4.0 Wishlist Trello.

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Did you even played unturned 3 on normal dificutlty?or you made this like the easy mode to be hard???