Unturned 4.0 Suggestions: Map editor suggestions

Hey, Since I love editing & creating maps in Unturned then I thought I’d share some ideas what I think would be cool to have in the map editor area, feel free to add your ideas below aswell!

Online Editor
It would work as a multiplayer server where you can invite other players/friends who could help you with your map. You both can edit the map at the same time.

  • You can put a password on that server and also take away.
  • You can remove some abilities in the map editor from players (For example: Deleting objects) when you have public editor session.


Random Details:

  • Just some small boxes textured with basic game textures and when needed then you could stretch out them and make them as big as you want etc
  • A way to create shop signs similar to game signs(Hardware shop sign style) In game
  • Large highway signs you can edit in editor - Got added already I guess :smiley:
  • Vanilla gun objects you could place down or something.
  • Transparent hole objects(Shaped in different ways) where when you put in on a house roof the house will have that shaped hole in the roof.
  • More random everyday objects you can see in real life, from furniture side, pianos etc what you could play maybe

Some textured boxes you can make larger with scaling tool, would work as a elevator and you can choose how high it should go and how deep by clicking on it in editor to change the settings

  • Would work for humans but also for vehicles(Would be super useful to have these on a carrier to transport Jets from below the deck on the deck :stuck_out_tongue: )

Tree region with special resource generation
A custom zone, set by the editor, where in that zone game only generates the kind of trees you choose.
By Mapus Lepoldus


  • Maybe you can create your own material textures in game?
  • Or just have all the ingame material textures in the editor at one time :slight_smile:

A house editor inside the editor? You could click on the house and then color the house however you want it, maybe add some cracks and stuff…

Basically similar effects to current game one’s but instead of having to go and mess around with them in Devkit you could just search for Fire #1 and put it on the place however you want it to be.

More options working with npc’s ingame.

  • For example you have naked npc’s you can create ingame, then put it down and edit it, you can edit his/her face clothing and all of that in just the editor, I’d imagine npcs would have a character customization in the game :smiley:
  • When you make them like a “road path” what basically would work as an road where only NPC-s can “drive on” the “road” itself is vanished… Npc can only walk on the road, and if he is a quest npc then when you go talk with him he stops… Would be possible to make guarding npcs
  • Hostile Npcs
  • Maybe even give us a possibility to add a custom voice for them, by recording voice by ourself

Large vehicles
For example in the editor I am starting to make a huge carrier with ingame objects I can use for it… Then when it all is done I would move the vehicle in the sky and make sure that it wouldnt be connected to any other objects and then I could put a real “control system on it” what would detect the whole ship and then it could be sailable(idk if its even a word haha) by players in game… For example the carrier we just made… you could drive it in water very slowly and make some borders where it cant go(cant go to close to land)… It would give so much more for the game to have custom vehicles and stuff made in the editor… Just imagine somebody making a pirate ship and then having pirate ship wars in the game! That would be awesome!

Larger Larger and Larger Maps!

I hope you agree/disagree with my suggestions, feel free to add your cool ideas below :slight_smile: I might make more of these in the future… Also sorry for my not perfect english :smiley: ! See ya later!


If theirs one thing i disagree with here, its online editing. I do think it is a good idea. It help speed up map making time, People could share there ideas widely and either accept or decline for the map, but it would also mean a huge problem, Trolls. Trolls are apart of unturned, They easily get distracted, The create loud and big visual’s for other players which decreases stealth and increases your chance of death. Of course as you said we could add passwords, but say somebody does not know how to set a password. The server could be open and other players could join and screw everything up for you and your friend. I don’t know how it would work, like if its how normal server searching works or if its typing in a specific name for that server. Just a criticism and everything else is awesome

Some simple solution to trolls editing would be (a.) not having your server be visible in the server browser (which takes more work anyway) and (b.) not having anyone who connects instantly being given permission to make edits.

Yeah… Trolls suck… Maybe then just a way to edit map and invite there only people you want throught steam :stuck_out_tongue:

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Online editing would be great, and curated map teams would find a lot more motivation.

Regarding your elevator idea, anything related to the scaling tool should not be apart of it. I’d rather see a few basic elevators/lifts that have a pathway (like road nodes) that you can set up in the same way you move an object, and then linking buttons to move the elevator/lift up or down.

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Yeah that sounds good too :smiley:

I’m pretty sure most people would password lock it and invite only team members though.

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Yeah, the idea was that you can create the server ingame easily, and doesnt need to go and mess around with creating the server outside the game :stuck_out_tongue:

What is implemented to the game already ?

@bittlejuice No were talking about Online Unturned Editor, Not like Multiplayer survival

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