Unturned 4 Engineering update!

Anyone who has played Unturned 3 for a few hours knows how the current generator system works. This has always left me feeling unfulfilled after placing everything that can be powered by it. I also came into the game assuming that pipe networks could be setup. That’s why I suggest the following things:

Elevators. This would be a placeable structure that would snap to floors/roofs this would allow the player (when powered by a generator) to activate it, and select which floor to travel to. The initial elevator crafted would be expensive and only able to ascend/descend one story but after that it would cost a few extra resources to allow the elevator to travel 2 stories, then 3, then 4 etc. they could also be placed in say, a 2x2 grid and seamlessly connect making a large elevator that you could land a helicopter on and have the elevator descend into your base. This, of course, should not be left uncovered, which leads me to my next idea

Moving structures. These would also be powered by generators and would act as a normal walls/roofs (only structures I can think of implementing this for) and would allow the player to activate it to rotate and/or translate the structure. This could be paired with the elevator to cover a helicopter that just landed and descended into a base. These structures would appear normal when closed, but would have less health.

Switches, levers, and keypads. These would be able to be connected to different objects that can be toggled (lights, elevators, moving structures, etc.) and allow the player to toggle them from there. The lever and switch would do the same thing (just aesthetic differences). The switch/lever would be able to be programmed through a simple UI. Example would be. Lower elevators 1,2,3,4. Wait 5 seconds. Close moving roofs 1,2,3,4. And the inverse would be. Open moving roofs 1,2,3,4. Wait 5 seconds. Raise elevators 1,2,3,4. This can be used as a program to raise lower vehicles possibly. A keypad would simply be a grid of switches each of which can be programmed with a different function.

Pipe/Liquid transport system. There are already craftable “pipes” in the game. This idea gives them function. Pipes would be able to connect between liquid harvesting (such as a pump jack or rain barrel), liquid storage (fuel tanks and water tanks) and liquid consumers (generators, fueling stations which will be talke about later, or maybe in an agriculture update you have to water plants or something, I don’t know) these Pipes would, when placing, display the direction the liquid would be transported (or if Nelson wants to get fancy pipes wouldn’t have direction and pumps would which consumes fuel and moves liquids) For example, a pump jack would generate fuel, and pipes connect it to a fuel tank, filling it up, the pipes could then connect the fuel tank to a generator. When the generator is full, the tank would fill up, and when the tank is full the pump(s) would fill up. When one in the system drains, it will be filled by the previous generator/storage in the system.

EDIT: A pipes no system of some sort is confirmed in Unturned 4, however this still explains a possible simplified system for this.

Fueling stations. This is a fairly simple idea compared to the other ideas on this list. It would simply be a pad a player could park a vehicle on that had fuel storage. It would drain into the vehicle topping it off. This would be especially nice with the piping system above which would reduce player maintenance a lot. This station could also be expanded to automatically repair vehicles and replace tires and batteries.

I know these things won’t be the easiest things to implement. But, if some form of these features were implemented, it would open a world of possibility for base design. I would expect this to be implemented in a number of updates as it would surely be complex to add. But again, these features would open a world of possibility


You know what I want?

Actual wiring, and wattage rates that fluctuate based off of the power source as well as consumption of the entire system. Fixed infinite power radius begone!

(Also, FYI, expanded automation from piping to Factorio-style conveyors are planned for 4.0. Nelson’s quite the Factorio enthusiast.)


I love factorio!! Glad to see these features are coming. As for the wiring system mentioned, I think I could be implemented with the wireless generator. I think these things should stay simplified, however, as to reduce required performance and also to not discourage players. But I think a system of production/consumption would be a good idea. I also think that being able to hide pipes in walls would disallow raiders to instantly know where your generator is.

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