Unturned 4 - UI Overhaul?

I think that for a game like Unturned 4, there should be an appropriate UI, allowing you to navigate the game easily. The current UI Is highly customizable, but wouldn’t fit the art style of Unturned 4.

I have created some samples of what my vision of the UI might look like:
NOTE: All images are highly basic and do not have as much detail as the final UI might have, instead of saying “das so trash get a life m9”, try to improve it!

#01 Login screen for a Non-Gold member:

#02 Login screen for a Gold member:

#03 Online Survival - What the server list might look like (also note the additional options)

#04 Before entering server selection page, you may select a party of players.

I agree that it DEFINITELY needs some work, but how’s this for an idea?
Probably gonna get gunned down by triggered forum members :wink:

Images have been edited, post is now up to date with your suggestions


Alright, so first, are you suggesting Nelson implements accounts into the game? I personally don’t think that he’d need to and it just adds confusion.

Oh and why does the create a server feature have to be locked behind gold? I’m fairly sure that Steam offers peer to peer servers (don’t quote me).


This is Unturned, not the Playstation


I would discard the first image, and with the 2nd image I would replace Logout and Switch Account button with the Stats and Character button


Unturned is a steam game a in game account system is not needed

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Yeah, I think so too. (Honestly, I just added that because there was nothing else to put.

What do you mean by “discard” the first image, I should remove gold accounts altogether?

Sorry, I meant ignore the 2nd image but change the 1st/3rd image. Just on the agreement that an ‘Unturned Account’ isn’t necessary

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Done! You can check out how the UI looks now.

Check this one out xD

Now THIS is legit cancer.


The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different characters.


I think that a new UI would be nice, but I think that it shouldn’t be something like Rust’s UI. The UI in Rust seems very cluttered, and can be hard to navigate for new players.

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