Unturned 4 VR

I know It’s unlikely… but still… please?

i need it

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I’d say this could happen in a mod, but they’d need some good experience.

VR level editer V2???

I don’t think VR is needed in a survival game.

It’s not needed, I’d just really love to have Unturned as a VR game, that’s all!

man it’d be so cool like actually holding an unturned gun and fighting off zombies

I think the suggestion was to port the survival game onto a VR platform, not to have VR in a survival game.
Either way it seems kinda unnecessary to me, but it wouldn’t be game breaking if it were done.


It would also be cool to free look around.

Mean, sure?

I’ll so the editor first, then the main game.
but I guess that’s a obvious step

it would be nice to have it for the horde mode

actually, it would work pretty dang well with freelook, you basically just have to hook up the VR headset to work with freelook but still have your body move with your mouse.

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Yeah but it’d be wAY cooler to have your hands move with your touch controllers / vive wands

I dont thinkt hat would work very well with the player models XD


I think its kinda cool but it would be hard to impliment

Just don’t ended up like fallout 4’s VR in the first day.

Personally I think that it would be somewhat of an experience. Even tho I don’t even own a VR headset.

Well,if you want 4.0 to be delayed for like 2-3 years…
And overall,it’s not really a necessity.

I’m not implying that unturned should be delayed just because of VR. I just think It’d be cool.

Well VR might be a thing in the far future of 4.0,who knows :thinking:

if vr is considered it probably wouldn’t be a high priority

Hell No, That Would Ruin The Entire Unturned 4.0, Nobody Would Play Regular one, And all the players would play on VR, And to Add Nelson Would Spend Too Much Time On It…

that is so wrong Im laughing. no, im not actually.