Unturned 4.x Devlog #013

the teased secret project is…Unturned II will feature Despacito II.

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13970075dc618c881b3cf0f8b025b2e2f7ac5b2deveryone after falling for this post

Should I move this to memes?

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Already did. Every other “post” and I use quotes because honestly this barely counts as one, has been moved to the memes category so far.

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On the plus side, I’m pretty sure Carpat is still on track to release this Friday. :slight_smile:

Then slowly getting back into some solid Unturned II development!


what about ligma :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Which one is it? 2 or II?

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haha what a truly great joke it’s not like this was done once before.

Despacito isn’t funny. It’s stupid.

not like this joke has been made at least four times on this forum

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Play both at the same time.