Unturned 4.x France?


Today I just found a trello page named Unturned 4.x France.

I’m wondering what is it, in addition I’m from France.

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I think it’s probably the 4.0 Trello but in French, I’m not French but it seems that’s just what it is.


Just to clarify: anyone can add anybody to their Trello board. That board is by Momo Gaming, not Nelson.

EDIT: Boards directly managed by Smartly Dressed Games can be found on their team page: https://trello.com/smartlydressedgames

Other boards Nelson has interacted with can be found in his activity feed: https://trello.com/sdgnelson

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C’est juste une tentative de traduction de la wishlist pour Unturned 4.x mais c’est traduit avec Google translate donc bon niveau informations et traductions il y a mieux.

Edit: En général les posts fais par “MomoGaming” sont traduits de cette façon donc espère pas avoir quelque chose de précis.