Unturned 4.x Ideas?

I have a ton of ideas for 4.0 and some stuff that I find really annoying that we don’t have in the map editor, here’s some ideas.
Map editor ideas

For one, Maybe a sort of node or something that allows you to cut out parts of the building, and if there is no connection between the 2 parts of the building both parts would become separate objects, would be useful if you want to make a snapped in half building or a collapsed building.
for number two: maybe add lit up versions of all the lights in the game, like Light #1 and #2, All the street lights and the traffic lights, and add flickering versions as well. For example, you wanted to make a street that still had power, you could use the lit up street light, also make flickering versions of EVERY electrical light int he game, similar to light #2. Also I mostly want this in 3.0 and 4.x

Survival Ideas

Maybe have some affects that start happening to you if your hunger and thirst get low enough like if your water gets lot enough, you start seeing zombies as players and other hallucinations. also if you got hungry enough your stamina would stop regenerating and you would move slowly and have a harder time controlling the character like your character starts stumbling of sorts (moving sideways when you want to go forward sometimes etc).
Second Survival Idea, if you could make the car stop running instead of exploding when it takes a ton of damage that would help a lot, like the car would only explode if someone uses something explosive or if a plane or helicopter wreck, and there would be a sort of mini game or you have to be smart enough to fix the engine (possibly similar to the Friday the 13th The Game when you have to install the battery like the smarter you are the faster you fix it)
Another Idea related to survival with vehicles, is that you couldn’t fuel up the car from the front or back but you fuel it up in the general area where the thing you pour the fuel in would be at, also it would be nice if it didn’t look like you just go near the vehicle left click and walk away while its still fueling, it would be nice if you got stuck by there until the animation finishes, the only problem is if a zombie attacks you while you are doing so, but maybe if you take damage it will cancel the animation and you will be able to move again.

Zombie Ideas

It would be Nice if when the zombies lose sight of you if you could run behind something and the zombies would lose you, like maybe they would go to the spot they last saw you and wander around for a bit then leave, would help a lot.
Zombies are more dangerous, like when you get a group walking behind you you dont have to do anything because you can just constantly smack them, it would be nice if there were more zombie and some would try to flank you like the flanker so you would have to watch out on all sides. and maybe more types of zombies. WHat I mean is if a zombie has seen you and is chasing you and you get out of their line of sight and stay quite they would lose track of you, their current AI makes them chase after you like they can smell you, yes if you get far enough away but still



This can, and probably should, be done in Unturned 3.

Not exactly an original idea, but still interesting to consider regardless.

They kinda do this already, but it’s just based on whether or not you ever enter their line of sight after they hear you. More intelligent zombie AI in general would be a plus.

Adding things that aren’t skins/cosmetics to the game every months wouldn’t make sense. People have suggested “curated object packs,” but that’s just a lot of extra unused files to keep maintenance on. Same goes for weapons and other items. I think it makes more sense to not do that.


yeah that makes sense thanks man hadn’t thought of that

That is a smart idea

That would be a bit too much. Because that makes all cars unbreakable if the player is gonna keep on repairing it whenever it breaks down.
When a car gets shot down enough times, it would stop working and only start again if like… “repair kits” were used. And if shot at the gas of the car, that would make it go into flames. But only works with NATO rounds.

I like that

I partially agree with this. Stay in your place for 1 second only. But the animation does not stop if you got hit.

Gonna be honest, i don’t think it’s a good idea to lose control of your character in a video game. Though having difficulty seeing things, or not sprinting enough is a good idea.

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like what I meant with the car engine is that you have to install new parts you find, and you have that minigame to install them, see what I mean, take example a battery, you would have to do it that way well yeah…

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