Unturned 4.X Map Suggestion / Canadian Archipelago

For the past few months iv’e been very interested in Northwestern Canada.
Mostly because it’s very uninhabited and it seems like a perfect place for a more challenging map, with most of the islands having small townships. In the northern parts of the map the trees are more rare due to infertile rocky soil
and at summer time look like this

One of the main problems with this map though is there’s pretty much no trees.
Due to it being beyond the tree line the only way to build a house is to mine the over abundant iron ore. Or you could travel to a scorpion 7 facility with a biodome.
Here’s where the map would most likely take place,
please excuse my Terrible handwriting… :expressionless:

I don’t think 4.X is in need of map suggestions right now, there already is a test map, (which probably won’t be permanent) and other maps are way down the line from where it is now. You could make this map in 3.X right now if you want though.

Wrong post?

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Maybe, but we’ll just consider it an extension to your own post’s reasoning instead and leave it at that.

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This is probably reason enough for it to not end up as an official map though, at least not a first map. The lack of proper wood material would be really awkward, and I’d prefer a jack-of-all-trades general map to start.

Though I guess this post probably doesn’t care when such a map is implemented, so in that case I think it’d just be weird to not have much wood except at end-game locations. The example image you chose to provide also just makes the way you’d want the map designed seem very dull, which wouldn’t be all that fun or cool to explore.

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Should i delete the post… :thinking:

Tfw you completely detour.
It is my biggest pet peeve on this forum Montro, I swear someone hold me back before I-

As for the Canadian Archipelago, I would love to see a map like this in Unturned. Reminds me of 2.0’s monolith when it first came out. Perhaps a sort of wilderness map can be expanded upon in 4.x to keep the survival aspect going.

Great suggestion my man @The_Amazing_fish

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You cant delete posts T-T

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