Unturned 4.x Minimap?

I think a minimap hud would be great, for alternate gamemodes like arena and horde etc, but can also be a great addition for survival. maybe a rework of the GPS, giving the player a minimap that might be toggle-able. Some players might not agree because it’s never been in the game and it feels ‘out of place’, but look at games like pubg, fortnite, csgo, the minimap completes the hud and gives the player more vision. what do you guys think? Am I delusional or does anyone else want this in the game aswell?

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Do you mean in the style of GTA?

no, just no

Please no.

wouldn’t be a survival game if you didn’t need to look at your map

nope (10 chars)

What about a compromise?
For example, locations for quests are automatically marked on your map and your compass, if equipped, also displays a different colored waypoint, pointing towards the direction of your the quest you are currently tracking.

I think the mini map should be optional because with out it, it adds to the survival skills of needing to check it by pushing m. So without it, in my opinion it adds to the realistic ness.

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