Unturned 4.X rework from the ground up

This isn’t official nor compulsory to add to 4.X

When I look at Unturned, I can see communities being sprung up around different ideas such as base raiding, survival, semi-rp etc.

However, the main outlook of Unturned is completely misdirected although the game is already adapted to suffice to this ‘pvp’ type of audience. Unturned itself is inspired by Dayz and a kids block game to create a simplified survival game filled with working AI and realistic (although virtual) game mechanics. But with strongly placed competition and misdirected onlook, Unturned needs a stronger foundation to its genre in the Steam store in order to keep it free and fun for new players and enjoyable for veteran players (which we all need a life).

  • Firstly, if Nelson continues with any graphical integration, it would just keep adding stress of ‘unturned’s rain puddles are crippling my FPS’ problem. I would suggest, if Unturned would continue working on in game graphics, Nelson should mostly focus on making lower graphics more detailed without having to get more problems out of low grade computers.

  • Secondly, the survival aspect needs to be more in depth which includes the supply of resources in a map, balance of military grade weapons and civilian weapons, changes on thirst and hunger replenish systems, and changes to crafting, beds and other makeshift items.

To break that down; resources should spread more evenly in different locations in different positions and not concentrated in one place, for example: in Russia, Keryev and the Silo 22 dead zone where the only places where boulders can be found and mined. Plus why not stop there, the only main materials in Unturned are just wood and metal scrap, what about stone or bronze or iron and such. Since in the devkit editor (which I would recommend also to be fixed) allows to create holes in the ground and etc, adding more materials in the game would make game more in depth and interesting.

Balance of military grade weapons and civilian weapons should be straight forward. This doesn’t mean adding more towns and less military bases (since this would result in camping) why not remove any idea of military bases, create a crap ton of cities and towns with military locations inside of it. Plus using NPC’s we can just trade them junk in order to get military graded weapons and other equipment. Plus military loot is RARE which means that for every 20 crossbows you find in a farm, you could find a peacemaker in a tent. The possibilities are endless and should make sure that military weapons aren’t too ‘OP’.

Changes on thirst and hunger can be also adjusted to make sure no one just places a bed, suicides and becomes ‘revived’ back on the bed. Instead of that, why don’t we just allow food to be more plentiful and healthier since most of the time over half of all food I find in a single survival server is expired. Additional to farming (which is more or less good since 2.0) water shouldn’t just also be harvested out of rain barrels, we could just changed water towers to produce dirty or clean water, or add fresh water rivers and springs to maps to help people get to drink. But if we still have to have rain barrels, why just a one time use? I seen bases surrounded with rain barrels which keeps me asking why do we still allow this. All in all, the thirst and hunger systems should be more open to different sources and varieties in order to keep people from just dying out of no where.

Many people have different views with the 3.0 crafting system. Some say its good, some say its too simplified. But to me, it’s just not enough. Blowtorch and saws should just be the only tools needed for crafting. Socket wrenches and batteries can be added to create more intricate designs such as a faster makeshift car with spotlights and etc. Although the crafting system isn’t too bad (although the xp level can be more or less annoying) one thing thing I noticed is that people more or less don’t need much stuff from the crafting menu (like makeshift anything) since they can just scavenge a military grade gun or a scope without having to craft it all my hand. So adding more intricate crafting recipes may be in store like adding a maplestrike to a makeshift vehicle to use the maplestrike like a machine gun on a tank or batteries and a rocket to create an explosion that can tase, electrocute or stun zombies in a large radius. Unturned has many possibilities but it seems like the crafting menu is just too limited.

  • Thirdly is the experience system, which to me can be both nerfed and buffed up. For example: crafting should be just more than 3 levels, it mainly should be a 5 or 8 leveled stage from knowing how to place a potato in a tube to building a automatic makeshift gun. Plus why should killing a zombie with your fists increase your stamina and lowers down gun recoil? Shouldn’t we just allow people to gradually gain experience when they do certain things, for example; shooting a gun should increase the sharpshooter skill, punching a zombie to death should increase the overkill skill. And if you die, some skills don’t have to be reset or dropped, for example: if you increase your survival skill because you didn’t die for a long period of time, and then you died, the skill should be reset. All in all, this change of gaining experience would ultimately allow people to be more active in any type of situation from farming, to crafting, to engineering and to running.

  • Lastly, the devkit editor should be continued to be implemented into Unturned 4.X, however the devkit might have to be redesigned to be more UI friendly. I can mostly understand how to use the original editor than the new devkit editor due to how well displayed and easy I can use the tools. The devkit to me, is literally just grey boxes with stuff I literally don’t know how to use. This is why I have to constantly look at tutorials in order to know how on earth do I use these stuff. Although there’s people who know how to the devkit editor quite well, people new to the devkit editor should be more encouraged to create maps for 4.X than to stress over how the editor works. Hopefully my wish (plus many others) would gradually be fulfilled.

This mainly my opinion of what can be improved in the game. I don’t want to compare it to like Dayz or any survival game since I would lose my sense of why I wasted over 1500 hrs of my life into this game. So if Nelson really is making a new version of Unturned ever since he first created Deadzone, this is it. To me Unturned has so much potential, and it all matters if it heads to the right direction or not.


I prefer tiered workbenches and crafting tools over using the skill system for crafting tbh.


I agree with @MoltonMontro, crafting shouldn’t be limited to just what you can do.
Devkit is hard to use, could use an upgrade,


Like maybe this Loyalist SMG made in Ireland?

We need to be able to mount Dragonfangs and Nykorevs on turrents in vehicles.

Indeed, rain barrels in practice hold enough water for multiple uses, the one right now seems like a 55-gallon water barrel. Think about it. 55 GALLONS. In this case, the water tank should be able to hold at least 100 gallons.

Instead, what about boiling the water?

In that case, there should a medium of exchange other than XP.

I agree with you on this. You shouldn’t be able to find military weapons willy-nilly around the place, the only place where there should be a high concentration of is military bases.
Civillian-grade weaponry and makeshift weapons should play a MUCH larger role in-game.

Minecraft intensifies.

Indeed. XD


You’re not wrong, I also prefer tiered workbenches and such. However, it would make more sense of using the skill system for making this tiered workbench system. Plus workbenches could just lie in the middle of a map fully accessible to other players with or without passing through the tiered system so I think it would be more wise to do like some sort of tiered manual system which the player scavenges books and tools to help build more complex items, since it makes no sense on how the player can think of a way to create a generator out from his mind.

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This specific quote/reply thing I’m doing here isn’t relevant to anything, but to clarify all I did was post my own personal opinion. Not sure if you were reading someone else’s comment beforehand, but prefacing your reply with that I just found really weird & funny.

Require that the next tier to requires the previous tier. No skipping tiers.

If people want to be nice and help each other, good on them. It also helps to sustain a healthy group, and good cooperation. If a group gets a higher tier workbench up, and only one person can use it, it doesn’t benefit anyone but that one person. Having crafting skills and workbenches would basically mandate that you always max crafting levels first. That shouldn’t have to be a thing.

And if someone does find a workbench in the middle of the map, aside from people never being that nice, if they can get to it without being shot by any campers, and actually craft something, then good on them. :man_shrugging:

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I’m worried that people could just spam build workbenches (especially cheap ones) to help them build up to raid bases, grief in game buildings, and do what ever stupid things players can think of. If you think Unturned consists of just healthy groups, think of the ones that aren’t.

I don’t have to tell you what they would do, but I know it isn’t appropriate.

Two different viewpoints on “raid bases.”

  • Raiding someone with just a skill-based system then I don’t need a raid base at all because I know everything.
  • Raid bases would happen regardless (which I think is fine, if people want to build then they’ll build) because they can place their respawn points down and have a storage of backup explosives/guns. Crafting is a plus, but something you’d probably do beforehand (especially if crafting times are a thing).

And if I raid someone on an exp-based system, then my raid means nothing. They can easily rebuild because there is no tiering. You max your crafting and you’re always going to be the alpha group once you are at the top.

With tiered workbenches dependent on previous, after being raided that group has its progress hindered and reset. They don’t get to rebuild/regain everything in 20 minutes.

All of that aside, I have no idea what you mean by “grief in game buildings,” nor “spam build workbenches.” It’s a tiered system, so if everything was cheap then the feature would be pointless.

Regardless, spamming them doesn’t help you anyways. If you mean “grief” and “spam” as in just littering them outside bases, why would you do that in place of anything else that’s cheaper and better meant for that (ie: Unturned 3’s freeform buildables)? It’s a waste of materials and time, and gives no real reward.

I would ask the same for crates, couches and tables.

In Unturned there’s never a thing called the Alpha group. In fact if Nelson implemented this tiered system into Unturned, most groups would be stuck at the top rather than the bottom (regardless of not depleting any exp-based level). Other than that raiding means ‘I know where your base is, your loot is gone, now get out you idiot’ in Unturned logic so rebuilding a base is ignored almost completely in every survival aspect.

First, logically there should be a limit onto how many workbenches can be built my a player or a group. And if there isn’t a limit, if these players don’t need a lower tiered workbench (mainly for useless reasons) they would mostly place it in a remote location because (I should’ve mentioned it before) that you cannot salvage up (not salvage a workbench and place it back) workbenches to gain back raw materials.

None or less, every single craft-able barricade cannot be salvaged back to their raw materials therefore if I have a useless workbench I would probably throw it out or just place in a convenient location.

The Unturned community isn’t well organised into ‘making things look less rubbish’ since people would just place crates out in the open, couches under trees, building rain barrels surrounding one’s base without any restrictions

Also free form buildables is mainly resorted to raiders due to them being cheap and well designed for their work. Survivors barely use them for base building (but good for defenses).

Same view point as: “I know how to build everything, I’m not greedy and I hope to build at peace with one another”
- said no one player ever (most likely noobs)

Side note, how would workbenches work. Would they be used similar to Minecraft’s crafting system (however differently) or similar to a stove or a fireplace (ie: Heat + Wheat = Bread)

There’s some serious confusion going on here between posts.

tl;dr (this is a clicky button)

Some serious confusion going on between posts. Carry on with life normally and ignore everything below to prevent more confusion between thingy-things. Discussion is basically at a dead-end because of some confusion, so everything below is really just there to clarify on things and nothing warrants a legitimate response since it just repeats a ton of information.

The only thing that isn’t just clarified/repeated information is I that I briefly take a break from the main discussion and say “cool building rework please” because of freeform being mentioned.

A raid base is a forward-operating base people make before raiding someone. You said “raid bases” originally, and I misinterpreted that as a forward-operating raiding base, and not as the action of raiding a base. That’s entirely my bad, which kinda skewed the entire…

…into something irrelevant.

(Both of these by you were in response to the same thing, just separated.)

I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with what I’m saying when you mention “crates, couches and tables” or saying you’d question them also. Either way, it doesn’t bother me the slightest (in Unturned 3) if people do that, and I typically don’t personally see that tend to happen in Multiplayer environments.

I’m not sure where the “rubbish” thing is coming from, since if people want to turn the map into a junkyard that’s on them, they can go at it, it doesn’t have an effect on any game mechanic and can be a problem caused by any addition to the game.

Really, everything with the “since people would just place crates out in the open, couches under trees, building rain barrels surrounding one’s base without any restrictions” sounds like an entirely different concern you have for the game that isn’t listed in the original post.

“Also free form buildables is mainly resorted to raiders due to them being cheap and well designed for their work.”

To clarify, this too is just agreeing with me, I’m pretty sure?

All of the original discussion aside for a moment…

“Survivors barely use them for base building”

Cool building revamp please.

That’s why you posted this in the Unturned 4.x category, and not in Unturned 3. :wink: Different games, blank slate. Different ways people act because different (hopefully improved) game mechanics and systems.

Most of this is based on your own interpretation of how salvaging buildables and workbenches would work, so it’s kind of hard for me to really counterpoint too much since you’re mostly just building on your own ideas still here more than you are picking apart my own. :man_shrugging: Notably, I mainly mean all of this:

"they would mostly place it in a remote location because (I should’ve mentioned it before) that you cannot salvage up (not salvage a workbench and place it back) workbenches to gain back raw materials.

None or less, every single craft-able barricade cannot be salvaged back to their raw materials therefore if I have a useless workbench I would probably throw it out or just place in a convenient location."

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Entirely I’m not opposing your opinion. I’m quite intrigued how this workbench tier concept would work out in Unturned 4.X. Although I’m quite concerned how the idea would be ‘well’ implemented into Unturned considering whether that the concept would:

  • Have a restriction based on how many workbenches a group or player can build

  • A restriction based on how many workbenches are placed in the map and whether the benches should ‘deteriorate’ per use or time placed in map

  • Cost of resources to build a certain tier workbench (ie: 2 pine logs create a tier 2 workbench)

All in all the value in the workbench isn’t worrying me, the biggest concern for the workbench is its misuse of it. Since people could use a workbench in battle, barricade against zombies, and etc, would there be a solution in order for this workbench system to not be ‘abused’ by the community or by other players?

I’m not leafing out ideas here, but give yourself a thought about it.

To be clear, I’m not the best with organizing discussions. Although I may be talking about 3.X stuff, just to be clear, most of the game’s content would mainly divert into 4.X development.

Well unfortunately, the only way how this happens is if you encounter such things IN multiplayer environments. Addition to walls, pillars, floors, crates, wardrobes, etc being left in the open, these entities (I should call them) cannot be removed by other players unless by force (by dragonfangs, nykorevs or explosives) or by the item owner by salvaging it. Yet again everything craftable or such be able to be salvaged back to raw materials, which I should add into the original post later on.

  1. I could say I would be agreeing with you

  2. Yet again, you can place any junk item and use it to raid bases.

So regardless of ‘efficiency of reasources’ almost anything can be used to take advantage. Although I do have second thoughts on the free form building which I believe the resources needed to build are a bit ‘too’ cheap. Like the only way you can build up to the sky is to use just 4 logs and building up using the plates and that’s it.

If this post is in the 3.X section, I would mostly get replies saying “put this in the 4.X” section since it isn’t relevant. Plus Unturned 3.X and 4.X isn’t “different games/blank states”. I would agree that I posted this just to add ideas to 4.X but I wouldn’t agree it’s just a blank state since Unturned hasn’t changed from a survival/pvp aspect.

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