Unturned 4.x What will happen to skins?

I think this is very important. Almost everyone has skins for 3.0 weapons in unturned. So will they somehow be transfered to 4.x? With not being able to transfer skins to 4.x, most of the unturned market will be obsileat. Big youtubers who have spent hundreds on Unturned skins wont be able to transfer them. So please transfer skins pleeeease.

What r ur ideas on the topic?

There are like 100 others asking the exact same question,… Nelson has already said he will find a way to migrate skins

Not exactly true.

Basically separate games. Migrating cosmetics/skins would be pretty difficult.

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This may be an unpopular opinion, but I personally hope skins/cosemetics don’t make an appearance in 4.x. While the idea is cute, I just don’t find it fitting in a zombie survival game. Okay, cosemetics maybe, but definitely not skins.


Cosmetics & skins help support the community and Nelson though. Something to consider.

Cosmetics as replacements of only specific clothing items? :thinking:

Tbh I’ll be happy if spray painting or ghillie netting for guns is a thing in-game. (Really, just ghillie netting plz pl0x.)

Just add an option to disable seeing other people’s skins/cosmetics. The only downside to this feature is that some people wear/use cosmetics/skins to “show off,” and this could upset some people when they cannot “show off” to everyone. :man_shrugging:


My only question is will 3.0 be stored away like 2.0 or will it be a separate game? What will to Unturned 3.0’s market?

It can be a separate game with only one download.

And if it is a separate game, which would make the most sense in order to preserve Steam Economy content, achievements, etc., then that allows for a new community market (among other things, like new achievements that don’t replace the previous iteration’s, separate game statistics, all easy-switching between the games, all that.)


I see the point of that, though because of that option skins and “cosmetic” will probably have a lowered value.

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Possibly. The economy as-is is already a bit questionable at times, so I’m hoping that if cosmetics/skins are a thing they’ll hopefully not all average out to either 3 cents because of how common they are or 100 dollars because only one person has it that is willing to sell it.

I look foward to seeing brand new cosmetics, I’m not exactly a fan of banana, heart and snowflake shirts in a survival game.

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Yeah, because people wearing elephant hoodies would totally be able to survive the zombie apocalypse.

What about a turtle shirt? You gotta love the turtle.

You gotta love the classics

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No they can be done well the thing is they just got to be tame similer to car skins i recommand make it minor differnces maybe a decal or stripes or a texture or for gun skins soild colors camo ect

No. I do not like the turtle shirt.

You lie. LIE.

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I’m telling the truth, I hate the heart, banana, snowflake, flower and turtle shirts because they’re too childish and meme ridden for me. I like shirts that have more style and class like the striped shirts as well as the vintage coat.
I know this might be an unpopular opinion but I dont want to see Unturned turn into a children’s game.

Its alright dude, I see where you’re coming from. It does remove from the immersion of the game quite a bit to see some guy running around with a sparkling purple mythical bat dildo or whatever.
I feel that in the future the cosmetics need to have more survivalesque appeal rather than just be a complete joke.

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I would pay to have Unturned cosmetics in real life, thinking about it a real turtle shirt would be awesome.

Nelson should make a Unturned clothing store :thinking:


That would be pretty funny lol