Unturned As One (UAO Project)

I hope to call for the player-base and mod community of Unturned to assemble for the sake of working on the translation of most major mods that various servers use into different languages, such as English or Russian.
There are amazing mods that many cherish, such as the STALKER mod, which deserve to be immortalized within the Unturned community, accessible to everyone regardless of borders.
Currently, this project is not in active development.

Translation team needed:

Two fluent Russo-Anglo speakers.

One fluent Russian speaker.

One fluent English speaker.

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Ez fix, just make mods in English

I am a fluent russian speaker, do you need one? DM Atrau#7983

Also what mods are you talking about?

Why not Spanish and mandarin? those are also incredibly big in the community.
(Currently im working on adding Spanish translations to my mods, and all my future mods will also include Spanish)

We hope to expand! :slight_smile:

Russian is my mother language and i can speak english not sp bad so i can help

i speak both russian and english fluently

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