Unturned banana hat

(suggested by LiamDoesGame)

liamdoesgame first came up with the idea, he emailed nelson but never got a response, so i made a post in hopes of getting a response from nelson

i made a model of how i think it should be worn ( i know it a really bad model)


Didn’t you post this already?
I tried to look up the image with Google but that was not very helpful.


i dont think i made a post about this

what did you use to look for similar looking pictures ?

As previously mentioned, I used Google.


This mimics the potassium bonnet from TF2, which is notoriously a horrible hat that doesn’t fit the game’s artstyle at all


oh yeah i forgot about that hat

For Easter Island, we considered adding a banana hat as a cosmetic for the mystery box, but it ended up looking terrible and we had to throw it out. It should stay thrown out.

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oh okay i understand (sad human face)

A bit more cubic and I say that it would be worth it

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