Could you not download paint.net or Autodesk Sketchbook to avoid MS Paint?

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@AnimaticFreak I purposefully used a crap art system for this purpose.

Like it or not, it’s all you & your opinion.

That's a very reasonable and fair response: opinions are opinions.

But I have to agree that, in my opinion, it’s not good if it looks terrible. :frowning: I could’ve lived with the faces being as they are, but some finer tuning on the rest would’ve been cooler.

it’s not a meme in general if there’s no punchline or otherwise well made edit

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memes ARE NOT supposed to be gud bro XD

You expect atleast some quality behind it, not just a load of garbage. That would be a shitpost.

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not to sound like an idiot… but as far as I know, memes arent supposed to be quality… memes are random images with subtitles that only sometimes actually work well with it… not high quality images which you spend hours on…

You’re thinking of shitposts. This would most definitely be classified as a shitpost.

Shitposts =/= memes

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While I still stand by my opinion, doesn’t change the fact that this is best categorized as a shitpost. There is no denying that using a better software could’ve made this post much better.

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