Unturned Boat physics in servers

Can I turn off the physics of the boats? In singleplayer there is no problem but when I try to stand on a boat on my server in creation they fly away or sink, I am making a pirate rp server and this is impractical
It happens in all vehicles both vanilla and modded, I already tried in Execute misc.dont_enable_this and playermovementcheck
I tested in Vanilla server, Om and rocket
Google Tr, halp

It’d be an amazing thing to fix that little issue but I don’t know if or when it would be dealt with. We had a massive cargo ship on a server years ago, one wrong movement and the thing would flip out and get thrown across the map.


If I modify the vehicles with any of these options, would they be more stable?
Exactly what causes the boats to be so unstable in multiplayer?
Other vehicles do not seem to be affected by this

You could try, vanilla vehicle profiles aren’t exactly “ideal” in any way.

Boats have buoyancy and stuff like that so they act different from other vehicles.

This is what i mean

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I think any proper fix for this would have to be a rewrite of code on nelsons part

I know changing some of those in cars affects how zombies can push them around, however I haven’t toyed around with boats or multiplayer, let alone both at the same time.

I reckon it’s worth the shot though

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