Unturned bot problem

One late night, I was playing Unturned alone, trying to farm raiding supplies. My friends had logged off hours ago, leaving me to fend for myself. The server was eerily quiet, with just the ambient sounds of wind rustling through the trees and distant zombie groans breaking the silence. I had just found a PDW and was about to log off when I noticed an odd message in the chat: “Bot_Bill has joined the game.”

Bots weren’t a feature of Unturned. At least, not outside of drop farming. Puzzled, I ignored it and continued playing. Soon, “Bot_Sam” joined, followed by “Bot_Tom.” They didn’t speak or move like normal players. They just stood there, staring at me from a distance, their blocky heads tracking my every move.

I tried to communicate with them, but they didn’t respond. Instead, they began to follow me, always maintaining a distance, never getting too close. It was unnerving. Their blank, expressionless faces and the way they moved in perfect unison felt wrong, like they were controlled by something sinister.

As I ventured deeper into the map, the bots multiplied. Every time I turned around, more had joined, all standing in a silent, motionless horde, watching me. I felt a chill run down my spine. I decided it was time to log off, but when I pressed the escape key, nothing happened. My character was trapped in the game.

Desperate, I tried to shut down my computer manually, but the screen remained frozen on the game. The bots began to move towards me, slowly at first, then faster, their blank eyes glowing with an unnatural light. Panic set in as they closed in, and I could hear the sound of static growing louder in my headphones.

In a last-ditch effort, I yanked the power cord from the wall. The screen went black, and the room was plunged into silence. My heart was pounding as I stared at the dark monitor, hoping that whatever had just happened was over.

The next day, I hesitantly powered my computer back on. Everything seemed normal until I opened Unturned. My character was exactly where I had left him, surrounded by the bots. But now, there was a message on the screen: “You cannot escape.”

I deleted the game, wiped my hard drive, and even bought a new computer, but it didn’t help. Every time I reinstalled Unturned, the bots were there, waiting for me. I couldn’t join any other servers; I was locked into this nightmarish version of the game.

Eventually, I gave up trying to play. But every now and then, I hear whispers coming from my speakers, soft and indistinct, like the voices of the bots. They remind me that they’re still there, waiting for me to return.

So, if you ever find yourself playing Unturned late at night and see a bot join your game, don’t ignore it. Log off immediately and hope they haven’t noticed you. Because once they do, you might never escape.


Not a fan of pastas, you do you tho

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At first i thought it was just another bot encounter then i got creeped out real quick. Noice job

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