Unturned (BUG) ! - No recoil, Fast Shot Bug


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUPaJnt54jU&feature=youtu.be Unturned New Bug


hmmm, could be the server.


I’m pretty sure if you edit a .dat that is an official item, that item won’t spawn in servers, or it’ll revert itself in servers.


he didn’t mess with the .dat, I already checked


holy shit mate how does your game load that quickly


No mods? 10 characters.


seriously mine takes over 20 minutes no joke


jesus christ, what’s the point in playing the game if most of the time you spend on it is on loading


was it taken down?


i don’t? what do you mean?


wait i’m confused too


i spend most of my time in unturned playing it not waiting for it to load


if u edit Vertical_Grip.dat this working