Unturned Bug question

I found a bug on U3 and I am confused if I should make a video of it and post it in her or not. Should I make a video and post it here?

If you believe you found a bug (and it’s also not an exploit), you can post it on this site. You’d post it at #unturned:u3-support with the #bug-report tag.

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Hey Molton,

The section you linked looks like its for U4/UII

Is that where U3 bugs should be posted as well?


Fixed. :green_heart:

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Hello. Im an Unturned 3.0 Debugger.

The best way to send/show the bug to Nelson is to record it and post it on YT , or somewhere where you can link him the video.
His email is nelsonsexton@smartlydressedgames.com



oh,yeah… that’s right.

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