Unturned Bug Resolução

Hello, Smartly Dressed I have a problem since I installed Unturned on my new Computer Gamer and he is with very bad bugs of resolution I put in 1920x1080 I do not use monitor I am using a Philco TV (I do not know the Inches) but it is full HD 1920x1080 I have a GTX 1050 TI 4 GB and 8 Gbs Ram Look at these Bug Prints: https: //imgur.com/a/nGOMCzV
Smartly Dressed I’m very sad because I’ve done everything I created a steam post and nothing, I created a post on your SmartlyDressed website and my account has been suspended I’ve done everything from changing resolution in the settings of the pc to messing with the graphics card, reinstall the game If you have spelling mistakes, I am Brazilian so I am translating this in Google Translate

There are some Brazilian people on this forum, I think they can help you in your own language which should be very convenient for you.

@FlodotelitoKifo help this boi

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Pode falar em português mesmo que eu te ajudo.

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no u xD


This is what i got for grammar.

anyway, go ahead and speak in portuguese @ZixGam1 , me and Bayta will help.

Um amigo meu está tendo o mesmo problema e curiosamente o monitor dele também é da philco, se alguém puder ajudar seria de grande ajuda.
o problema consiste em que mesmo colocando o jogo em full screen e 1920x1080 ele não fica na resolução correta, fica como na seguinte print:

A friend of mine is having the same issue and curiously his monitor is a Philco TV also, Im looking for some way to correct this if someone could help would be of great help.
the issue consist in that: even setting the game to full screen 1920x1080 it still as the print: (that link above)

First off, this is a huge necro.