Unturned bug

Type-bug can see underwater
1º- Enter 1 server or singleplayer
2º- Press esc, press graphics and and press “Restore Defaults”
3º- put all graphics ultra and all sure like in picture

4º-press “Restore Defaults”
5º-go to options "Field of View put 60º
6-press back and return and look down and you see underwater like in picture.


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not a bug
theres still water

i also dont buy this
could you create a video of you demonstrating the glitch

because it feels like you went into editor, lowered the water, and through it out there as a bug

That’s pretty broken. There’s still some water but overall the water looks fucked in the video.

@TophatPesky He put the video link at the bottom of his post.

This is possible

this is some class A bug finding

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoXeYum404Q the bug can see underwater

ohhh i see

well at least its not faked

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@MoltonMontro can you merge this post with the other one that OP made earlier today?

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