Unturned Candyland!

It’s finally out, You can play Candyland!


Welcome To Candyland!

The Unturned map that is almost entirely made out of candy!

This map includes 100+ custom objects, ~300 custom items and lots of new, original locations to explore!

There are many planned updates, like NPCs and maybe even an arena adaptation of the map, so be sure to stay updated!

If you would like to play the map with others, use the IP " mre.webmilio.com " to connect to the “Official Candyland Server”.

If you want to support the map and its creators, You can purchase either one of the Candyland bundles.

Rootbeer Ranger - https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/304930/detail/1012/

Cottontail Ops - https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/304930/detail/1011/

Smell ya later nerds!


Anyone who wants a unique looking workshop map to try: look no further. Love it or hate it’s gonna be the most unique thing you’ve seen in game in awhile. I personally love it - but that’s all on personal taste. At the very least give this map a shot guys!!! I think I’m gonna have to take some footage and throw up a review on this map - Worth the look!!!


I’ve found a few issues in it while just messing around a bit but overall it’s a unique idea and seems like a fun map to play on.

Bad map. Gave Diabetus :frowning:



seems awesome but i cant get past the loading screen,the loading bar stops at “loading ca” :confused:

i mean “loading ca” refering to loading candyland in v3.0.0.0 singleplayer etc etc

Been waiting for this map

I think i want diabetes now.

This. is. amazing.

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