Unturned classic / 2.2.5 servers

If you are wondering to play on some Unturned classic server (classic, 2.0, 2.2.5) to feel a nostalgia or for whatever other reason, here’s a public multiplayer server with a decent host I recently found (probably a last one):

IP: | Port: 25444

I was playing here with friends because one of them is now doing some project regarding that version. Can’t spoil anything, sorry. But he plans to tease it one day, so stay tuned.

You can share your experience and maybe your servers in this thread.


Is there a host hosting deadzone servers?


playing til the server goes down. I wonder who hosts it. How did you find it?

Through some Discord friend


  1. The server was down for the whole later half of yesterday. No idea why…

  2. Server auto-restarts but it does not save before restart. Loot gets rolled back like 30 minutes.

  3. server is p2w

anyway. I wonder if we can find any exploits for 2.2.5? Like one of the greatest exploits in early 3.0 was being able to close a door on yourself and then being able to jump to the second floor, making skybases easier or something.

  1. That’s a major issue.
  2. What I felt myself is only ~10 minutes of progress rolling back. For that I’m just leaving from the server when it announces it will restarts within 5 minutes.
  3. VIP/MVP for 25$/50$. These purchases are unnecessary and useless, Isn’t worth spending money on that.
    UPD. 28/01/2022 Purchases were cut down like I think a half or a year ago or so? Besides, they were never observed and owner said they were at some point unusable and even fictional. 2 months ago public chat store advertisement was finally shut down for good.


Anyways, this server is the only one I found with a decent host. I’m done with playing it because it’s in fact very boring.

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As of exploits. Ones I know:

  1. Vendor in the pizzeria in Alberton is magicly broken, you can сlip yourself into it.
  2. Sprinting sideward with W + A or D is faster than running straight. With maxskills you can even reach a speed of a running deer.
  3. Zombies and animals can sometimes stuck in eachother. 2 zombies stuck in eachselves, 2 deers stuck with a pig.
  4. Miner helmet’s light can be seen in a multiplayer by other players even if it’s off. NVG works kinda opposite - green lights can’t be seen if NVG is on.
  5. Handbrake doesn’t work in multiplayer if you press spacebar while stopping the vehicle.
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