Unturned could get copy right for a tent?

We know that nelson changed some weapons name because of the copyright think. But today when i was searching on youtube about copyright i saw that some games needed to change the red cross for medkits because of the real red cross organization. In unturned we got the “aid tent” (i dont know how to call it)
So unturned should change this ???

The Red Cross symbol is pretty generic, and there are no brand names on the tent. It doesn’t seem to be a problem.

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Didn’t the red cross get removed in most games cause of this?

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Well, I mean, that tent low-key represents the Red Cross, so I guess it’s a more direct and general use of the icon.

Feels bad man

Huh, so that’s why RimWorld changed the color of their cross on medicine items.

This is pretty correct. Iirc I’ve mentioned it in a post somewhere long ago, but yeah. It’s not really because of “copyright” though, there is a lot that goes into the protection of the red cross.

It isn’t protected the same way as other trademarks are, and even though it is simpler to just not use a red cross there are cases it would hold up in court. In fact, we could see all the efforts made to protect it unravel if a large corporation was to challenge it. It could be declared too “generic” to be trademarked, possibly even regardless of its supposed importance and meaning.

Well i guess we need to go back to 2.0 tents where the health cross was white and the tent was red


Why would this be copyright? its a classic symbol used in all Apocalypse games to signal Help or medicine for those in need

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I think a yellow tent with a white cross, or MEDIC on the side would change this. It would make it seem more of like a quarantine tent though…

Although this copyright seems as silly The Fine Bros Copyright of the word “React”. You can’t argue with copyrights. Same thing goes with the “Happy Birthday” song. That too you can get in a lot of trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, though, I really don’t understand why anyone would put a copyright on such an iconic and well-known symbol all over the world.

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To make it look like a humanitarian tent (e.g. UN), you could give it coalition blue with a white cross.

You could also have a yellow tent with a red cross, much like the German ambulance.

There’s a lot of decent alternatives.

Yeah, i don’t know why the red cross on the tent can stay but the red cross on medkits or health bars or stuff like that has to be changed.

Nobody said it can.

But it hasn’t been copyrighted so.

The red cross on a white background is trademarked. This was already established on the post.

Medkits are white on red, so no need to change.


inb4 Switzerland flag copyright



The only reason the game has not been copyrighted was because the game is small and they have not noticed it yet… besides, it does not even have the company title in it. its just a cross

the game is small

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