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I’ve recently encountered a bug within the crafting tab, essentially, I can see all the crafting recipes regardless of the map I am playing. If I am playing on a vanilla map and type “cloth” into the search bar, I can see the crafting recipes from the vanilla game, as well as curated mods, I am able to see every recipe that involves using cloth to make items as well as receiving cloth from scraping items. This happens on multiplayer servers as well as singleplayer worlds. The bug happens even with all mods uninstalled and after manually removing my Unturned install files and verifying the game’s files through Steam.
(I had a first screenshot but I can only post one picture per post but i’ll just describe it here)
The crafting menu gives me recipes that I can’t even do on the map that I was playing on (PEI), that being the “Engineer’s Bottoms”, which is a Yukon exclusive drop if I’m not mistaken.
This happens when typing “cloth” into the search bar.

However, It gets worse:

This is another instance of the bug, I am playing Arid (modded) and I am able to see a Buak crafting recipe, despite the fact I have none of the items to craft it or having the ability to find the items on the current map.
I have had this bug since Buak released but it only seemed to start out as showing all Buak recipes only, but after a month or so I think it evolved into showing every recipe, as described above.

Any help would be appreciated,
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This is a feature added along with Buak. The idea behind it is good - have the ability to search for item you want to craft and find its recipe even if you have none of the items required for it.

The implementation though seems not well thought out, it makes no sense to get vanilla recipes in your crafting when you are on maps that have no vanilla items, nor does it make sense to show items from other modded maps (such as Elver, Arid, Buak) when you are on a vanilla map. I tried to think about how this system can be improved but I could not think of anything that seems like it would be easily implementable.

Only thing I wish for is if it could be disabled per map in their config (I don’t want to use this system on my maps, it’s annoying!!!).

I get bug reports like these after this update (hidden recipes that I created in the first place because the crafting system is weird and eats ammo boxes otherwise )

Or I see this (look how many vanilla recipes there is!!! this is not even the worst example):


This is a hassle more than anything and I don’t understand why this feature was not an ‘opt-in’ for maps.

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Crafting rework if there are too many items you can craft perhaps it would just be instead of long rectangles you would see squares (for most large recipes you cant see all the crafting materials anyways) it should show it in the old way if you search and there are only a few crafting options available that you can craft while the rest (uncraftable that fit the search) are in square form ,but could be expanded if the user wants it for the time they are looking at the recipe

Thanks for confirmation, is there any sort of official place I can submit this bug besides this forum? If I can at least get this in the “To Do List” that might be the most I can do.

Unturned issues github is probably the best place to report bugs, like I said though this is a “feature” :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The reason is that currently the game doesn’t have a way to automatically know the vanilla items or items from other maps can’t be acquired.

Crafting is certainly a high-priority candidate for a rewrite. Though next on the list is the server browser rewrite. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maps can set Allow_Core_Blueprints to false in the level’s Crafting Blacklist Asset to disable all core/vanilla item blueprints.

@Renaxon IIRC at the time you only asked for the Blueprint_#_Searchable option which was added to help hide those debug recipes.

I was not aware of this option, this fixes my problem with this system, at least on multiplayer where it is most important.

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