Unturned Crafting Improvement

Hi everyone! I have a idea for Unturned 3.0, sorry for my grammar but English isn’t my first language.

When you craft something, it take time (5sc, 10sc…). The time is depending on the item which is crafted (Generator = 10sc and Pilliar = 5sc for exemple).

Thanks for reading, bye!

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i like the idea in concept, however it would really just get cumbersome when making bases and such.

maybe only combat-related recipes (like loading magazines) should be timed?

I don’t think it would be too cumbersome, especially if it’s lenient and allows the crafter to queue a certain amount of crafts at once and be able to have them keep going as long as you’re in the inventory, or maybe even just sitting still.

I’ve seen devs argue this as the reason they don’t have queued/timed crafting in their games. Time spent having to stand still and do nothing / wait when you could be enjoying the game. :thinking:

Imo if it was a feature then it’d make more sense to still allow moving around, even if just at a reduced pace

But when it comes to really simple bulk crafts, having to walk at a slow pace for a couple minutes could be quite cumbersome. Maybe one would argue that they shouldn’t even be in an area where walking is critical to your life force, but in Unturned 3 I will typically convert Metal ScrapMetal BarWire to converse inventory.

Or, when it comes to crafting basically any structure/barricade you have to break general materials down and make all the specific materials (which can take several seconds as is) before even being able to make what you want.

Maybe if crafting felt more fluent, or, as @Whistleblower implies, certain specific recipes. Although, at least with timers people could not accidentally make/scrap stuff.

EDIT: If Unturned 3 (or Unturned 4.x for that matter) had specific crafting stations for types of stuff, then maybe it’d be alright to throw a timer on stuff in there (or have them as a method of killing off some item timers)? :man_shrugging: “\_(=.=)_/”