Unturned crashing my pc

Hi so this happened today and yesterday only. heres what happened, so when i was playing unturned i my pc randomly restarted (only when i play unturned it always restarts randomly. temperature were fine and everything was fine my display drivers were ok and my memory ram was ok) then when i logged in steam and launched unturned it successfully runned but when i was on mounting core it was extremely slow and when i alt tab alot of things were bugging out like my computer was slowing down alot too until my windows are not responding completely frozen. but when i didnt alt tab and watch it loads its just extremely slow it wont pass up to 9% in mounting core and after 20 mins i checked its still the same and when i come and move my mouse my pc got BSOD (ERROR CODE - CRITICAL PROCESS DIED) btw it wasn’t like this before i already have 100 hours and its always like this (btw yesterday it happened i just reformatted my whole pc) then rn it randomly restarted and when i openned it was extremely slow loading and would not pass to 9% mounting core.

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I had an exact issue while playing CoD server today and tomorrow (you know that P9’s server) Rust map. That happened with me 3 times. Don’t know if it was a coincidence or not.

I dunno sounds like you are either missing some obscure piece of software or you just fugged your install

That sounds like a severe OS issue rather than an Unturned one, unless you installed Unturned in your système files next to sys 32 I don’t think Unturned would be responsible of it, maybe if you make a secondary threat on debugging forums you might get more technical answer. Hope it is fixed soon!

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