Unturned crashing

Unturned is crashing whenever i try to load it and a error message came up telling me to send a message to the developer

It would be helpful if you sent the crash log, rather than just saying you have a crash log to send.

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how exactly would i do that… im sorry im not experienced in this

The crash log is in the Unturned folder.


It’ll be labeled with the dates that it crashed on.

MoltenMontro is there a way i can private message you?

click his name, then press message.

i do not see a message option i only see the wiki link badges and their bio

should be the top right, colored blue. Or you might need to spend more time on the forum

it says i have no more messages

you could just paste it in a google doc, then post a link to that doc here.

er well, theres a text document. paste that in the doc.