Unturned Curated Map Survey

There seems to be a divide between what the community wants and what the creators want. I’m curious to see what players like about a map, and maybe it can help some of you during the creation process. I’ll post some statistics after a couple of weeks.


You should probably post this on the steam forums or what have you because I feel like there is also a disconnect between forum users and the majority of the community in that not everyone who uses the forum plays 3.0 that much and in how they are playing the game, as alot of people only play RP.


I swear I will not delete it there :nauseated_face:

But yes, SDG is not an accurate pool of responses you’ll get. You need the audience from a place where most players have the most direct and quickest access to.


why can i not select all of them


Also should’ve been named as arena maps

It’s already been posted on the Reddit, and Froggo is looking into asking nelson to feature it on the homepage of the game.

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I’m putting it everywhere to get a good pool of responses. I’m working on seeing if Nelson will feature it on the home screen for a bit.

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Why would you need to? We all know that you hate Bunker Arena. >:C

no who said that what fake news



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It was being advertised on insert popular social media!


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