Unturned Dev Kit possible bug

Hello !

I don’t if it’s a bug or not, but in a map, the “LandscapeHoleVolume” in the devkit doesn’t seems to work ?Sometimes, when i use it, so : click for select it + E for palcing it and, it doesn’t spawn. Other times it work, and then, if i want to spawn another one, i get the tool for moving it, rotate it, but the cube isn’t here, and then i need to restart the game and have the other version of this bug.

Are you sure that you have the Selection Tool selected? If you have a different tool active (e.g., Landscape Tool or Foliage Tool), then you aren’t able to place assets/volumes.

Well, i’m not very sure for that. But most of the time the landscapeholevolume is placed, but is just invisible, i can see the rotation, movement tools, but the for some reasons, the cube isn’t here, and it doesn’t work. Even if the previous use of the tool worked, if i place a second landscapehole, it doesn’t work. I can send you an image

Here it is, the first landscapeholevolume is placed, but if i do E + Click a second time, this happen. It’s the same if i try duplicating it.

How many landscape holes have you placed on your map? Perhaps you have too many. There is a limit of 16 holes.

Oh, yeah. It is that, i already have 15 holes in my map. Well, ok, thank you !
But i need, maybe 10, for various tunnel systems. There is no ways to add more ?

There is no way to add more. More than 16 holes isn’t supported.

Holes are also quite performance intensive as well. You should be mindful to only play hole volumes in locations that really benefit from it.

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