Unturned Discord Appeal

My name is Ahmed and I did a lot of wrong in the community in the past, especially last year. I did a lot of bad stuff and lies just to look cool and look unique. I’m coming back to Unturned now as I have changed my character and I’m like a whole new different person now, I started apologizing everybody that I hurt or did wrong to, and I seek mercy from the staff team to unban me from the Discord server. I’m a humble guy now and I don’t try to seek any trouble anymore. Sometimes that when I would make a new account too, it would let me join the server but I would get banned again for ban evading but I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed in the server still, discord just let me in. I truly seek forgiveness and mercy from the discord staff team, please unban me

Discord ID: 594781709749452823

I admit that everything I did in the past was wrong, and I come back as a changed person to seek forgiveness and mercy from the staff team and hope that you can forgive me for what I did in the past

Absolutely not. You only decided to appeal after I banned your most recent alt. Which you’ve already been banned for before, and appealed for claiming you didn’t know then, then you say that you also didn’t know this time. I don’t believe you at all or think you’ve changed.

Appeal was denied at this. If you’d like to appeal again in the future, please wait some time before submitting a new appeal.