Unturned Discord Ban Appeal

I know this story will not sound correct but I’m trying to remember what I could have done to be banned from the server besides me being hacked for 1 or 2 days, I was in the server for a while when I was into unturned then I got into other games for about a year and just recently I came back to unturned and I was having fun but I didn’t have any friends to play with so I tried to rejoin the unturned discord server that I can’t remember leaving and I can’t. every time I try to join it says unable to join and that leads me to believe that I was banned if you can help me I would love that my discord is peng1_#0095


Could you give us your discord ID? I will check when you were banned and what for.


Your account was stolen, so that’s why you were banned. A bot was spamming through your account sharing phishing links. I will check with the other staff, but you are most likely getting unbanned.

thank you :)))

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Alright just make sure you have changed your password and I suggest turning on the two-factor authenticator on your account. You should be unbanned now.

Actually someone publishing a ban appeal for compelling reasons and get unbanned! congrats!

User has been unbanned. Closing topic.