Unturned discord ban appeal

it has been awhile since my last appeal, I am appealing for accidentally sending a video of a person on a bike with images of Adolf Hitler and a swastika on it, I did not notice these images at first due to my bad eyesight and i was only alerted about the images after i got a Ban Dm and my friend informed me via a screenshot of the bike, This was an honest mistake and i really wish to be let back into the unturned discord server

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to staff. (Please include your Discord ID as part of the appeal.)

my id is 1117532054398181376

I personally find it hard to believe that you would just post that video for any reason besides the swastika. It was irrelevant to the topic at hand and didn’t include any content that would be deemed, at least in my view, worthy to randomly share. You also instigated conversations regarding religious ideals that eventually led to an argument. I received several complaints about this.

At this time, since it has only been a few weeks, appeal has been denied. However, I insist that you appeal later on (several months from now). Immediate appeals, which this could be considered as, are normally not accepted.

Appeal denied (too soon for ban reason + ban resulted due to additional issues besides reason stated in appeal).