Unturned discord forums feature should be disabled

Please remove the unturned discord forums, it does nothing but kill this forum. Maybe just advertise this forum instead of making one for the discord.


Perhaps I’ve misunderstood your suggestion, but there are no plans to delete the Unturned Discord server. It’s been around for years, and even if the official Discord server is deleted, players will still use community-ran servers.

EDIT: Presumably, you’re talking the channels in the Discord server that use the newly-released Forums channel type. These are only a few specific channels that already used a bot or certain in-server policies to achieve a similar effect, or were handled through Threads anyways.

I’m not talking about the actual discord itself but the discord forums feature.

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I agree with removing them, they cause several annoyances.


The forum has been pretty much this active for the past 5 years with ups and downs every now and then, don’t really see how anything related out of it would impact it and in which way ?

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Would you like to elaborate? From what I was told, supporters find it much easier to help other people when using the Discord Forum feature. The only feedback I got from some users was, that they couldn’t find solutions to previously solved issues in the channel. Although that problem was solved by making the old channel public for a while.

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He is referring to a type of channel in Discord called ‘Forum’, not the actual website we are on.

But then

I probably just misunderstood, but the way it’s said makes me wonder.

@Oyamat Sadly forums are not what they used to be.

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Agreed, the forums currently seem to be mostly inactive. Just filled with a few regulars and maybe a few odd people. The activity is at a very low point compared to what it was just a year or two ago. U4 threads are mostly irrelevant due to the pausing of development. People just do not see it as something that has immediate worth in posting on. The forums has now become a way to beg for unbans. We might as well get a fancy ban appeal form. This place is slowly shedding a lot of it’s purpose, uses and users.

Whether that’s for the better or not is yet to be seen. I surely thought that the forums would become more active after kiwifarms shut down, considering that these two places have a slight overlap with toxic 16 year olds

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Sigh, we just went over this. We are talking about the Discord Forums.

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