Unturned Docs – Objects, Resources, & Unity Setup

Hey, modders!

Over the past couple months, we’ve expanded our official modding documentation for Unturned to cover more asset types, newer properties, and some Unity-related setup information. Note that some of this information is currently only available while on the #latest build (and/or only applicable to a future version of the game), and is not yet available on #stable.

:house_with_garden: Objects and Resources

Modern documentation has now been added for object, resource, and material palette properties! Learn about destructible objects, interactables, interior culling, assigning random materials to your objects, and more.

:bow_and_arrow: Unity Setup for Guns

It’s time to start updating the documentation we provide to include up-to-date information about a game asset’s setup in Unity. We’ve revised several pages to provide more information about getting started with Unity.

Most notably, the “Introduction to Items” and “Gun Assets” pages now include information about creating your item in Unity, including some optional things that aren’t often mentioned elsewhere.

:sparkles: New Properties

A handful of new properties have been made available to modders these last couple months. Some highlights include:

  • Priority_Over_Cosmetic for clothing items, which replicates the behavior of nightvision goggles appearing over any cosmetic items.

  • The Date_Counter condition type, which can be used to schedule in-game events to occur after a certain number of days have passed.

  • Use_Auto_Stat_Descriptions can be used to disable an item’s stats from being automatically appended to the item’s description.


This is so nice for more wacky mesh overrides :heart_eyes_cat: woo!

could you add information on the empty
to this guide? its fairly useful in some niche situations

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Documentation for the CaliberAsset class is available from here: Caliber Assets — Unturned 0.1 documentation

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Note note note: some properties on the “latest” docs branch aren’t on the preview branch yet.


you misunderstand, im talking about the empty
this (its within the Augewehr example)

the empty that lets you have different magazine types be held in different spots based on the Caliber they have in there .dat file


Ah, yeah. That should be added in a future commit as well – thanks!


Caliber_# GameObjects are now included in the documentation, when viewing the Unity setup for gun assets from the #latest branch.

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