Unturned Docs – Tables for Game Data (Properties)

While expanding our Modding & Server Documentation for Unturned, we’ve also made significant changes to how certain information is presented to readers. Notably, we’ve changed how we list the properties you can add to your .DAT and .ASSET files.

Ultimately—the goal is for information to be easy to find and useful, regardless of whether you’re new to modding or an experienced modder.

Below is a list of pages where we’ve updated the list of properties to use the newer “data table” format. The next time you use these pages for your modding project, I’d love to hear feedback about how the changes feel, and if you believe some information could be presented better.

NOTE: Some of these changes are only available from the “latest” branch of the documentation. If you use the “stable” branch, some pages are still using the old format for listing properties.

Thank you!
—Tyler “MoltonMontro”


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I’d like to roll out similar to changes to all of the other asset documentation while adding more Unity setup info and example configs.

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